Hong Kong – Footsteps from the 90’s

Hong Kong – Footsteps from the 90’s

Today keeptravel.info will get acquainted with Andy Keneth – a famous blogger who has visited Asian countries many times. He has a clever and humorous storytelling style, which is sure to be a captivating spice for the reader. This article we will get detailed information with the country HongKong. Now, check it out!

I still vividly remember that day. Step out into the big world for the first time. I chose Hong Kong because I don’t want to go to countries like Thailand and Singapore nearby. The simple desire to have the first place on my passport be special brought me to the land of Hong Kong, where the legendary TVB and delicious food are located.

I still remember the first feeling: bewilderment.

Not sure of anything I do in this strange new city. Too new for me.

That first day was just an evening walk in Hong Kong, but this strange “foreigner” also had enough time to get used to the features here: subway, shopping and “lost”. .

The subway was my first and most embarrassing experience. I went with another family with a female friend the same age as me who seemed to be adept at showing where to go (now the whole group wanted to go to Harbor City), I was holding Google Maps to show everyone. Going down to Yau Ma Tei station, the first thing to do is find directions and buy a ticket. The other girl, named Trinh, instructed me to go to Tsim Sha Tsui and then walk to Harbor City.

The whole group agreed and followed her to buy tickets, click on the location on the map, the screen shows HK$ 4.50. I was about to put a HK$10 note in it, but look closely, it’s a coin-operated machine. Fortunately, someone passing by showed them to the two machines next to them to use paper money. When I put it in, the machine will give me a coin, as a habit, I keep putting my hand in the jar like taking a coin from a game machine in a shopping mall, thinking that the coin has already dropped, but when I put my hand in, the coin will drop. out. Another hug! The machine gave me a pink card and I used it to swipe on the gas. I struggled for a while to be able to buy an MTR ticket, because I didn’t know how much my trip would cost.

When the ticket came out, I was called back because… forgot to take the change from the change machine. The first time I stepped on the MTR – Hong Kong’s metro system – I had to hold on to the metal pole next to me for fear of falling. The train was fast and the air flowing in the compartment made me feel cold. Observing, I watched with admiration the many friends standing on the train without holding anything.

Next time, I tried… and fell.

The first steps in such a new country. But for a moment, I knew I was thinking differently about my first experiences.

When I was in school, I kept looking at people all over the world who made movement a living reason and thought to myself, “their life is not for timid people like me”.

However, it was only when I entered the world for the first time, boarded the first international plane, landed in a strange city, and initially learned about a foreign culture that I understood. There must be firsts like that.

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