Bali – Things are not like people imagine

Bali – Things are not like people imagine

Today will get acquainted with Fred Tahitoe – a famous Indonesian blogger who has visited Asian countries many times. He has a clever storytelling style and is very enticing in a lot of local idioms, which is sure to be a captivating spice for the reader. This article we will get detailed information with the country Indonesia. Now, check it out!

Actually 5 days in Bali is not nearly enough to go, I run almost every day continuously to get to the places I want to experience. If possible, you should go from 7-10 days even 20 days because the North of the island also has many extremely interesting spots such as dolphin watching.

During my 5 days in Bali, I could only go to the southern part of Bali: Jimbaran, Ubud, Batur, and Nusa Penida island. Really, each place only goes to experience a little bit, not deep enough. Deep down, I know that if possible, 30 days is still less to experience Bali because this island is twice the size of Saigon with extremely rich nature and culture that will not make you bored.


I thought it would be fun to stay at the Jimbaran hotel near the sea, but when I came to Ubud, I immediately fell in love, and I should have stayed at the hotel here to visit Ubud more and more deeply instead of just visiting during the day.

When in Jimbaran, going to Ubud takes 1 and a half hours, quite time consuming. While it is easier to go north from Ubud, going to Batur is also a bit closer. The only plus point when staying in Jimbaran is that it is close to Sanur pier to catch the ferry to Nusa Penida only.


Nusa Penida is a great island, but when it comes to it, the tourists are extremely crowded and to go to the beautiful spots, it is very urgent. If I could come back, I would stay here for 1 night.

When I came here, I had to drive from the east to the west of the island, which was almost the end of my time on the island. So if I have 1 night to stay, I will leisurely go out to Diamond Beach for a day, or Kelingking Beach for a day.

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