There are places that you continue to love unconditionally and that although you have visited them many times, returning is always a pleasure.
Indeed something more pleasant.

The protagonists of this article are two Italian beauties who have nothing to envy to the whole world.
Sicily and Sardinia, surrounded by a heavenly sea and lived by people full of passion for their land.
Why am I writing about it?
Because I promised myself to go back this year, but I couldn’t.
Every time I try hard to discover a little piece of these two wonders … (and I admit I miss many pieces) but between one thing and the other I always end up not going there.
I write about it as if it were a good resolution for the new year …

I know the north and south well of Sardinia.
The north of the Costa Smeralda was the scene of my first trip with friends, when we started to save and returned poorer than before but full of colors, laughter and that lightheartedness that you can only have at seventeen.
Long nights on the beach, whole mornings in the water so as not to forget it …
Pizzas eaten on the cardboard on the steps of the pizzeria and fiery sunsets that remain forever in the heart.
In the south I have in my heart the tranquility of the dunes of Porto Pino with a little novice traveler, the unique flavors tried in non-tourist farmhouses, the splendid sea and the peace of mind …
A deep land to be known slowly, to be experienced.
An Island … and islands hold treasures.
I remember Sicily, as if it were yesterday, the coves with a view of Monte Cofano, incredibly beautiful and not far from the crowded San Vito lo Capo. The salt pans of Trapani at sunset and the prawns of Mazara del Vallo.
I remember the Aeolian Islands that I loved and described in every nuance in these articles for Travel Blogs, the seven islands, the seven sisters … The volcano, the sea, the love of their inhabitants for a land that is sometimes hostile, but full of warmth.
The dawns experienced because to go to sleep we would have lost too many wonders, the sipped Malvasia and the views that make us think once again about how beautiful our Italy is, its small and large islands, their inhabitants, emotions and sensations that are tried and persisted over time, as indelible as a tattoo on the skin.
Signs that continue to remind you that these special islands are there, a stone’s throw from home, ready to welcome you and to make themselves known once again in every small and large corner.

I plan to return, one at a time, one step at a time.
Indeed do you know what I do? I watch the flights!

Practical and perhaps useful information!

Low cost flights to Sicily and Sardinia depart from the main Italian cities. For example Ryan Air and Volotea. Then there is also the national airline, but as we all know it is not exactly low cost.
Obviously, if you arrive by plane, the car to get around is a must! Among the many rental search engines, I often rely on EasyTerra.
If you prefer to leave from home with your car, from the main ports of the Tyrrhenian there are daily ferries to Sardinia, and from Naples to Sicily, but I don’t like long journeys by car so I always opt for the plane!

There is plenty of choice when it comes to accommodation: from the campsite to the hotel, there are many solutions. I always prefer something original and small, perhaps managed by people who love their work. A few examples? In Sicily, in Macari di San Vito lo Capo, the B&B La Ginestra, a welcoming place overlooking the sea …
Or the Isuledda Campsite on the Costa Smeralda on the Gulf of Arzachena, inexpensive, in a fabulous location.

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