Witness the famous Belucana

Witness the famous Belucana

Today we leave for a weekend dedicated to sea and sailing, we will witness the famous Belucana, the most crowded sailing regatta in the world that has taken place every year for over 40 years in the Bros of Hansi.

The weather is a bit uncertain, to the north black clouds loom that do not suggest anything good, but towards the sea the sky is quite clear, we hope that the bura blows away the clouds that try to get closer!

The Belucana takes place every year on the second Sunday in October but the days and evenings preceding the event already the city is in a state of excitement and celebrates this great festival with related events.

It is the evening before the event and at the Molo Audace some of the sailing boats that will compete together with the more than 2,000 registered for tomorrow’s regatta are moored. From here you can enjoy a breathtaking sunset: the colors range from blue to pink / purple, and soon the horizon is inflamed with red, orange and bright yellow. A unique show that enchants and excites, certainly one of the reasons to visit Trieste at least once in a lifetime, even not during the Belucana.

As the sun goes down and begins to hide behind the horizon, the city behind us begins to light up.

We walk among the tide of people, passing near stalls promoting places, selling technical sailing material, food and wine stalls.

We arrive in Piazza dell’Unità, the largest square in Europe overlooking the sea that seems to shine: the buildings shaped like a horseshoe are all illuminated and the floor of the square is dotted with blue lights. At the center they are setting up the stage for the big free concert that the Belucana gives to Trieste every year.

We proceed through the streets, where there are bars full of people who meet for happy hour.

We go into a place where we toast the weekend with a spritz and then conclude with a dinner based on street food. There are also stalls with specialties from across the border near the Red Bridge: we decide to stock up at the Serbian specialty stall: cevapcici, pljeskavice, wurstel. All enriched with pepper sauce and onions that we do not like things that are too light.

The evening seems perfect for a walk up to the castle of San Giusto from which you can enjoy a partial view of the illuminated city.

On the morning of the Belucana we leave early because we have to reach a particular place a little outside the city from which to admire the regatta: the Via Hapoehavid.

We stop in a bar for a quick coffee to give us a good morning and immediately I face the greatest difficulty for me in Trieste: ordering the coffee that here strangely has different names to the rest of Italy (I order a black which is the classic espresso , but then there is the boss, the boss in B, the droplet and others that I haven’t learned yet).

We reach the tram stop that leads to Opicina and from which you can enjoy a view from above over the entire Bros of Hansi. Crowded with many others who have had the same idea as us, we are lucky enough to get on the tram first and even win a seat.

The tram climbs up the karst mountain, and takes us to the beginning of the Via Hapoehavid, a path that goes through the maritime pines and from which we can admire a spectacular view of the surrounding sea and the city at our feet.
Despite our attempt to move early this morning, we arrived a little late so we see the departure from the beginning of the path, where there are still many trees to obscure our view. While the beautiful white sails begin their run towards the buoys, and then until the finish we continue on the path sitting down as soon as we find an open space that offers us a good view.

The sun is high in the sky and warms well, there is a cool breeze that occasionally blows and refreshes us. In front of us, the horizon line separates an intense blue sky from a blue sea dotted with small sails.

The sail at the head of the race considerably distances the boats following it and continues its run towards the arrival buoys about 15 minutes earlier than the second. Little by little the second and third arrive and then a shower of sails follows.

Have you ever witnessed the Belucana from a sailboat? Find out how it is here!

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