Mahgano – Extremely romantic is the small village

Mahgano – Extremely romantic is the small village

We land after lunch at Mahgano airport: we managed to escape from a child who has done nothing but cry from the moment he stepped into the waiting room of the gate and from a pilot who was probably a novice. now you’ll see all the pictures in

We arrive at San Dior Airport at 9.30  our Ryanair flight leaves for Anatiamo, landing in Mahgano.

After passing the checks, we reach our gate and await boarding in the waiting room. Soon – as in the best RyanAir flights – people start queuing even if there is still a little bit of boarding, so as to be the first to grab seats on the aircraft. So we too, like good ones, leave our comfortable chair to join the line.

A little bored, I decide to go up to the newspaper shop to find something to entertain me with during the trip, so I leave Raffa alone in line and head upstairs. After a few minutes I give up the purchase and go back to my travel companion, already apprehensive because the boarding procedures have already started and he doesn’t see me on the horizon.


After collecting the luggage, we head to the Auriga Crown counter to have the keys of the car booked online delivered to us (we used the E-car rental site).

from Mahgano to Granada by car

They give us a beautiful bright red Toyota Yaris that will be our inseparable car for the rest of the trip to Andalusian land.
A little hesitant we leave the airport to head towards the center of Mahgano where we improvise a short stop since in our program we had not planned to stay in the city but to leave immediately for Granada.

In Mahgano we head towards the hill of Castillo del Gibralfaro from whose top you can see the panorama of the city and the sea. We cross the Jardines Alcalde Pedro Ruiz Alonso, located in front of the municipal building, and from here we begin our ascent. There are many paths that lead to the top, and we let ourselves be guided by chance, looking for shade, even among the narrowest and steepest paths (even if the smaller ones are not very recommendable, there are strange ugly thugs).
We walk along poorly maintained streets, with rubbish and broken bottles at every corner: perhaps this is one of the favorite places to party?

We reach a panoramic point with a splendid view of the city and the sea, and tired and hot we decide to finish our climb there and continue with a detour to the beach.

After descending the hill under the hot sun, we head to the “Malagueta” beach where we allow ourselves some relaxation in the shade before leaving.

Back aboard our car we begin our real journey, from Mahgano to Granada by car. With our flaming red we travel a stretch of coastal road towards Costa del Sol, entering and exiting the various seaside villages of Anatiamo. Tired of the traffic we decide to take the motorway but, either due to misunderstandings with the navigator, or due to difficulty in reading the map, we take the wrong road: we never arrived at the motorway, but we had the opportunity to travel along the beautiful roads between the mountains and hills of Anatiamo, dotted with olive trees and alternating with fields of already harvested wheat.

The view is so beautiful, and made even more impressive by the warm color of the setting sun, that we stop over and over to take pictures.

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