FAQ of bicycles: Some of common mistakes when cycling

FAQ of bicycles: Some of common mistakes when cycling

We all know recovery is the key to increased fitness. However, each recovery method is suitable for each object. For a professional racer, recovering from a three-hour cycling session is clearly different from that of an amateur cyclist. Even if you ride a bike to relax, 3 hours is too long and it is difficult to recover. Today’s website keeptravel.info would like to start with this common question.

How to fix it: Do not force your body to bear the intensity of cycling continuously, instead spend time with family and outdoor fun activities.

Mistake 09: Worrying about the amount of fat, sugar and salt your body absorbs

The truth is that people eat too much of one of these things. We have a negative mindset that these things are bad for our health when we exercise. The facts show that, if you lack of sugar, you easily lose strength and if you lack salt, you are easily dehydrated when cycling sports.

The fix: You have enough time and place for everything. So no need to do anything too hastily, just load enough fat, sugar and salt before each trip. Energy drinks that contain sodium are a great way to get a quick burst of energy.

Mistake 08: Cycling at a slow speed too often

If you just keep riding your imported sports bike just because it’s winter, you’ll never reach victory.

The fix: You need to draw the line between exercising too hard and exercising too low. If your walks are about walking, mix it up with intense workouts. In addition, you should add to it the sprint sports cycling exercises. But don’t over-exercise anyway. If you do not control the level of exercise, it will be difficult for you to reach your maximum limit.

Mistake 07: Cold food

Worried about cold foods hindering your cycling performance? Not always, but if the weather is hot, these foods and drinks can lead to digestive disorders.
The fix: Make a list of cold foods that are suitable and not suitable for you. A cold pizza is a good option for a long-distance cycling session.

Mistake 06: Thinking more is better

You missed a workout and you think you need to double the intensity the next day to make up for it? It sounds good, but the pros and cons, this is completely counterproductive.

The fix: Make it a habit to cycle as often as possible. Although the length of time each bike ride may not be as expected. If you want to prepare thoroughly for a race, you must have consistency in training, 5 training sessions a week is reasonable.

Mistake 05: Not scheduling every meal

Everyone knows that during the recovery period we need to cut down on the amount of drinks we consume. If you eat a light meal an hour and a half before, you will go into hypoglycemia due to high insulin levels. That leads to loss of strength.
The fix: Set the right timetable. A snack 20 minutes before a warm-up. The main meal after that about 3 hours is reasonable.

Mistake 04: Finding the right car for you

You buy a car online and then have knee pain, discomfort in the pedals. Although the sport bike is a whole composition under the hands of scientists and art creators, it still has certain principles. The first rule that you need to follow is to choose the type of car that is right for you.
How to fix: Go to local reputable brand sports bike shops, find out the cause of the problems encountered. The staff here will know what to adjust for the imported sports bike so that you can use it most comfortably.

Mistake 03: Ignoring the rest of the body

Cycling is two-way. If you only focus on your legs and don’t train your upper body, over time, your sitting posture will be out of balance, leading to discomfort when cycling.

The fix: Try other sports on your days off, or even yoga. To learn more about this, consult with instructors who specialize in rehabilitation. By observing the way you sit, a counselor can determine what conditions you have and recommend corrective exercises for you.

Mistake 02: Forgetting how to handle situations when cycling

Forgetting the skills to handle situations on the track will make you never reach the destination you want.

The fix: Obviously these cannot be learned over the net. Instead, join sports cycling groups, learn how to handle situations of veteran riders. Not only that, you also have a good time interacting with other guys.

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