FAQ of bicycles: How to improve your long-distance cycling productivity

FAQ of bicycles: How to improve your long-distance cycling productivity

If you are a beginner in cycling you must do a suitable long distance cycling every week. Through weekly cycling practice will help improve oxygen capacity and muscle endurance. Therefore, it is necessary to firmly grasp the rhythm and method of mountain biking. The question on keeptravel.info has been answered by the admin.

We often see a scene like this: when starting or arriving in the suburbs, people see the wide, airy road with great excitement, rush to, compete with each other, ride bicycles bravely ,.. if your planned route is over 100km, the first result is full of vitality, full of energy, when you come back exhausted and exhausted, mentally depressed, the body by the second day is still extremely tired. .

If you still haven’t recovered by the second day, you should double-check your cycling journey. Since the muscle groups as well as other muscle functions have been damaged, it can be said that this time you ride this bike not only can’t improve your ability, but also hurt yourself.

Reality: long-distance cycling training should look at quality, not quantity. If there is a scientific cycling method, cycling 10km is even more effective than cycling 100km.

Scientific cycling method
So how can you improve your capacity through long-distance cycling?

1. Psychological training for long-distance cycling is a pleasure, not a terrible thing

That method is relaxing cycling, if you have a heart rate monitor you should keep your heart rate at about 70%, preferably not over 80%. If you do not have a heart rate monitor, you should keep your speed between 26-28 km/h, use a light chain gear bike to ride.

Perhaps many cyclists have seen a long-distance cyclist who often pedals very slowly. In this cycling process, “speed” is only a coordination aspect, endurance is important. In fact, the practice of mountain biking is training leg muscle endurance, the so-called “ten thousand zhang high floor leveling off the ground”, which is the basic training, the starting point to improve yourself. We also need to learn how to avoid fatigue when cycling long distances, to be good at using our moods to regulate bodily functions. Gradually you will fall in love with long-distance cycling, adapting to sitting on the bike for 4-5 hours.

2. Maybe many of you doubt that your own speed in the cycling journey can not be improved. So in this cycle, before the end of the journey about ten kilometers, you should do a sprint, if the energy is not enough, there is no need to do it. Every 3-5 minutes do a sprint once, about 1 km each time, do 3-5 times. When it comes to sprinting, it means using all your strength, having a heart rate monitor that can monitor your heart rate, no matter what type of sprocket you use, you must ensure that your heart rate is 100 times / min or more, the best is 120 times/min.

3.Definitely not to ride on an empty stomach, if you don’t eat anything for an hour before starting, even after the cycling journey. A few kilometers away, adding energy foods used in the Tour de France is also a waste of money. It is best to replenish water every 15 minutes, do not wait until thirsty to drink!

Improve your ability to cycle long distances
4. Must learn to control yourself, this is very important. It’s easy for people to forget about self-control, even though everyone knows to keep their heart rate at 70-80%, but not everyone can do it. Learning to be in control is the key to success.

5. Not to forget that every driver can also become an assassin, there are many dangerous situations that we do not anticipate.

6. Learn to borrow force, borrow wind force, borrow force of undulating road, borrow the force of the whole cycling group to reduce wind resistance.

Learn how to borrow the force of the wind to ride a bike
Cycling with good function on a long distance is still mainly endurance, it is often said: not afraid of slow, just afraid of standing still. A little slow, no need to rush, only perseverance to the end will achieve the goal and see you grow stronger.

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