Criteria for choosing children’s bicycles….

Criteria for choosing children’s bicycles….

Choosing the right bike for students can still be a headache for us. However, thanks to the following article of, parents can refer to some simple methods of judging the quality of children’s bicycles:

1. Frame material: use steel, aluminum alloy or plastic;
2. Bicycle bearings for children 3 years old: use metal bearings or plastic parts;
3. Tires: use steel rims, bakelite, or plastic, tires are solid or inflatable with inner tubes.

The evaluation criteria for children’s bicycles are relatively simple, the frame uses an aluminum alloy frame or a steel frame, the transmission bearings use metal materials, the hub uses a steel ring, the tires use an inflatable structure. Inside according to children’s bicycle standards, when riding or changing direction, it is more flexible.

Children’s bicycle evaluation standards
If plastic components are used, the material of the plastic components can be assessed visually and by color observation. Bright color and high transparency, and warm hand feeling are good materials. If it is a reusable plastic material, the color is not bright, when the temperature is low in winter, it is easy to crack. If you ride for a long time in the summer, it will quickly age and crack. In addition, plasticization is also a big threat.

Tips for buying a kid’s bike:

1, Lift up to feel the weight of the vehicle. From a certain perspective, the heavier the vehicle, the more stable the vehicle, and the safer it is.

2, Swipe a little on the surface of the car, is there any dangerous sharp edges or protrusions in the leg area that can be touched.

3, Use your nails to scratch the paint a little, the surface paint has obvious peeling phenomenon.

4, View the history, development scale, economic strength, brand characteristics of the car brand you want to buy; check whether the chain box covers the outside and the mating surface of the chain, sprocket, flywheel; check whether the weld surface is flat, there is no cracking, welding burn, no welding or other welding errors.

5, To make sure that the bike you choose is a good quality children’s bike, don’t forget to test the bike to feel the size is right for the child, especially the size of the brake system; feel whether all moving parts are flexible or not.

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