Month: November 2021

FAQ of bicycles: how to handle the bike accidents?

Accidents can be caused by slipping on ice, slipping on gravel, hitting a hidden pothole, or

Full overview of FAQ sections

When the questions are asked by many users and asked again and again often, instead of

How to Communicate with USB Memory through the SSI . system

Recently, because I had to learn the ability to porting USB Memory Driver to NORTi, I

User-space applications

They  are applications from init to the graphical applications we use. This is an important and

Components of Embedded Linux – Why is a bootloader needed, and what is a bootloader?

First of all, it is also software like the operating system, or the applications we are

Components of Embedded Linux (Part 1)

We know that Linux runs everywhere from supercomputers, servers, desktops (laptops), phones (androids)… to home appliances.

The Technology used in Docker

Docker, is a very popular and influential technology for most developers. Considered an operating system-level virtualization

Cached memory and loss of data synchronization between threads.

Cached memory is understood as a cache area located close to the core, the CPU usually

Embedded Android is an area worth for researching

If according to the plan’s schedule, now I have started writing lectures for the embedded Android


One of the biggest causes of stress is finding parking. I do not know if it