Embedded Android is an area worth for researching

Embedded Android is an area worth for researching

If according to the plan’s schedule, now I have started writing lectures for the embedded Android training program. However, building an embedded Android training program is much more difficult than Linux. Some of the difficulties can be mentioned as follows:
Distributed documents, too much out of date. Until now, I have not found a book that fully explains the architecture of Android. (On the Linux side, there is a book Understanding the Linux kernel). The best book about embedded Android is probably Embedded Android, but the author writes on Android 4.0, after reading it, it can’t be done on the current Android 9.0. Other documents or topics found on google are also very sketchy.
Embedded Android programming requires a highly configurable computer. To build Android code to practice editing the operating system, the computer must have a minimum configuration of 500G SSD, 8 – 16G ram, core i7 CPU.
Android’s source code system contains a variety of languages. C, C++, Java, HIDL, and build systems are also very complex. The Android 9.0 source code is about 70Gb in size when not built.
Android changes architecture continuously year by year. If we have training documents with the latest version, we also need to update at least 20 – 25% of the documents every year.
However, embedded Android is really a worthwhile area for us to learn and build a training system. Because the demand for work is much, in line with the trend of the times. In addition, after learning embedded Linux, switching to Android is also very suitable.

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