What is not to miss in Fuerteventura?

What is not to miss in Fuerteventura?

In reality, all the villages that inhabit the island are beautiful, perfect and built according to a very specific canon: all white L-shaped houses to protect themselves from the wind, when on certain days it blows incessantly. Teguise, the ancient Spanish capital has not aged a day, its colonial imprint still gives it undisputed charm. It seems that on Sundays there is an unmissable market …
What not to miss in Fuerteventura? (also here the “do not lose anything” applies

Fuerteventura can be reached with about an hour by ferry from Lanzarote. An hour that passes very quickly because during the navigation it is a must to have a look at what is around at three hundred and sixty degrees.
It is the second largest island and I remember it as a place where nature and landscapes come to take you by the hand and rock you along the roads, beaches and paths.
It must also be said that it is an ideal destination for lovers of windsurfing, surfing, sailing, water skiing and diving, so it is forbidden to get bored among the three hundred and forty kilometers of coastline and one hundred and fifty beaches.

Corralejo dunes. They are dunes that the wind coming from the Moroccan Sahara constantly shapes, changing their conformation day after day. Try to think of ten kilometers of dunes overlooking the ocean, a wow is not enough: white and fine sand to be walked on strictly barefoot, to climb, to play with.
Be careful to park in the dunes area, it is easy to get covered up and have difficulty getting out of it.
Los Lobos. Here, if you could, I would build a house, away from everything and everyone, to go back when silence is needed. If I were a writer I would retire here to write my new book. Los Lobos is a small island easily accessible from Fuerteventura from which it is two kilometers away, where time has really stopped, it is not an euphemism, there is no electricity here, the only houses you meet are those of fishermen or of some private person who was lucky enough to be able to do so at the time; now there is the possibility to camp for one night and eat in the only restaurant. Obviously Los Lobos is also of volcanic origin, complete with a crater and path to get there! But there is something new: since in the past it was invaded daily by tourists, they have seen fit to limit the daily arrivals to 400 people, to also preserve the animal and plant species. So it is good to book at least a day in advance through the official website entrees.es, or by booking the ferry ticket with the ferry company that will take you to the island: in this way you will have the right to permit.
Betancuria instead is the ancient capital of the island. Its name derives from its discoverer, a certain Mr. Jean de Bethencourt, a Norman explorer who in 1402 first landed in the Canaries. It is located in the center of the island and its guardians are two huge statues about four meters high of the Kings Ayoze and Guize who until before the Spanish conquest divided the island, one at the head of the south and one of the north. A colonial city full of history where you can get lost in its streets. Do not miss the church of Santa Maria and the Archaeological Museum.
Discover the island. Fuerteventura can be experienced by the sea but some wonders can be discovered and experienced by visiting its interior, and I must say that it is full of fabulous routes, suitable for everyone and with varying degrees of difficulty to be tackled on foot, by bike and also by horse. The island also needs to be told through the people who know it: Damiano is one of them, he has transformed his passion into work and now accompanies tourists to discover the most beautiful sides of the island, even gastronomically speaking! Go see his tours
Useful information
From Italy there are daily flights arriving in the two Canary Islands, many of these low cost and direct. It should be remembered that flights are cheap if booked at least six months before the departure date. We all know that in August and around Christmas the numbers go up to the stars, so if you can take some off-season days, it is also the ideal solution in terms of tourist traffic.
I recommend renting a car because public transport, although present, does not go everywhere.
And then take your time … without rushing.

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