One of the biggest causes of stress is finding parking.
I do not know if it is the same for you, but for me it is, especially if I have to look for it in the city, perhaps at the time when the whole world moves on the streets, where to spot a place, whether it is white or blue, becomes a treasure hunt.
Sometimes, I happened to go home because I was wasting too much time finding one.

And time, you know, is precious, and sometimes it is better to use it in a different way, instead of waiting for a parking space.

This is true in the city where I live, but also a little in all those that for travel or for work I found myself visiting.
Sometimes despite having Google Maps at hand, I can’t figure out if the parking space found is close to the city center to visit; and what if I have to park far away and walk all that way and maybe in the rain?
But to everything (or almost) there is a solution, and that is why I invite you to get to know Onepark, a site that allows you to choose the parking lot you prefer (in the city, at the airport, at the station, etc.) and to book it in time so as not to stay … on foot!

Onepark is a parking booking platform on the web and on a mobile application that allows you to book your parking space in advance (months, days, hours), depending on the destination.
You have to go to the airport and you do not know which parking to choose, and you start sending an email, fill out a form to find out if there is space? With Onepark everything becomes easier because just enter the destination and the dates and the application finds all the free parking spaces in the area. Choose the one that best suits your needs, book with a click and forget about it.

I tried it a short time ago.
I booked parking at Bologna airport, where I left my car for fifteen days while traveling in California.
It really took just a click, booking confirmed, leaving the car in the parking lot and the shuttle took me in a few minutes to the departures terminal.
All here, simple, easy and any cancellation is free.
How did I find myself? Very well, I didn’t waste time booking or even at the parking desk, and on my return the car was nice and ready to go home … I a little less but that’s another story.
Obviously you can book your parking space in the city, in stations, in short, almost everywhere. Think that there are more than two thousand car parks in many European countries, such as Italy, France, Switzerland etc.
Onepark offers the best prices on the market and by booking you can save up to 60% thanks to their special offers, not bad I would say.

I warmly invite you to try the Onepark platform for your next trip, or for a trip out of town and for your romantic weekend.
For a few more weeks you can take advantage of a discount if you book through this link!

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