At dawn I have always preferred the sunset.

Partly because I’m chronically lazy, partly because I’ve always liked to end the days watching the sun go down.

The end of a bad day that overwhelms you with the colors worthy of a realist painter.

The end of a beautiful day, perhaps while traveling, to seal a place that deserves to be seen also for a sun that sets fire and throws itself into hiding in the sea, behind a mountain, in the clouds at high altitude, in the fog or along a road that never seems to end.

When I am traveling, the sunset becomes a ritual, sometimes a real race against time to be able to get to the best point in time.

Sometimes you come out of breath, but believe me it’s always worth it.

I decided to collect the five places where the sunset took away my words, and luckily I add, because speaking in front of such shows is extremely useless and not recommended.

San Diego

San Diego has seen my love for sunsets born and affirmed. I win easy, you will think. Yes, I win easy, I admit it. I have been back three times since 2006 and each time I have fallen with my feet in the sand, with the sound of the ocean in the background and the surfers waiting for the perfect wave. The first time with friends and Californians we met by chance we waited for the Green Flash (which we did not see) with an ice-cold beer in hand and just whispered chatter against the wind so as not to hinder the thoughts brought by the sea. The second in 2019 and the last in 2020 with a nostalgia in the heart and a sparkling January at the door that offered colors to warm up. Difficult to find the right words for such great emotions. I love the ocean, its roar, I love California, I love those polished surfboards that lightly lay above the sea, waiting to ride it with an elegance that only they can wear. I just have to go back, because that green ray that lasts a moment, the moment the sun disappears on the horizon, well one day I have to see it.
Cabo da Roca

Cabo da Roca is located in Portugal, and is the westernmost point in all of Europe. What are you saying? Is it a cool enough place to wait for a sunset? To tell the truth, I didn’t wait for him, but I ran after him, because I came long not having calculated the times well, but I took all my dose of stupor. What charm, do you think that there is America after the ocean? The promontory lends itself to a short walk overlooking the sea, along a path beaten by the wind that ruffles hair and thoughts. There is nothing all around, just a lighthouse and a cafĂ©, then untouched nature as far as the eye can see. Until the fourteenth century it was thought that the cliffs of Cabo da Roca were the edge of the world… Saudade.

As Donnie Brasco says: “What do I tell you to do …” Eh, what do I tell you to do with how beautiful the sunsets are in the Aeolian Islands? From whichever of the seven islands you are, the sun plunges into the sea and gives colors that are not replicable anywhere else in the world; scholars argue that volcanic ashes give sunsets particular colors (Thanks Travel and Volcanoes), but I prefer to think that it is a magic that only happens there. Among all the islands I chose Vulcano only for the simple fact that from its crater you can see all the other sister islands. A show that moves, and being moved by nature is one of the things I love most. You should try to sit on the ground, with the wind carrying the unmistakable smell of sulfur for a walk, and wait, because waiting is something we are unlearning to do …
Grand Canyon
Eh … even here the tear was easy. I didn’t believe what my eyes were looking at. I thought, dunno dream? Are you awake? So in three days I went back several times to make sure such a place was true. It is indeed, and at sunset (but these are personal tastes) it becomes a finely painted picture, as if the painter dipped the brush directly from the sun. Sbam! Suddenly you find yourself on a balustrade and a new world opens up beneath you, from the series the photos you see around make a whisper of pure reality. The clouds gave way to a sky in continuous transformation, within a few minutes the painter put down his brush and went to sleep amidst silent applause.

I confess that I saw the Grand Canyon even at dawn, and that it is hard to choose the best moment!
Wadi Rum

A thousand and one nights sunset, only Aladdin’s lamp was missing and then I was good for life. We joke, but not that the sunset was worthy of the irresistible charm of the desert. Before evening the wind in Wadi Rum caresses the rocks and raises the nomadic red sand in search of home, that home that will never find.

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