Despite the fog at certain times, even in summer, and the smog that hovers invisibly, the surroundings of Padua are all to be discovered for a few hours’ outing or for a day trip out of town.
The beauty of some of these places lies in the fact that they can also be reached by bicycle, or for the more adventurous even on foot.

A few years ago I created a project linked to some destinations that can be reached along 20 km, starting from Padua. The motto was: In 20 km from Padua, where can I get?

I must say that it had been quite successful, so I decided to take those places back in hand and offer them all here, so as to have the complete list.
I also love to return to places already seen, always with immense pleasure.

For you dear readers, whether you are from Padua or not, these following are unmissable destinations!

Piazzola sul Brenta and Villa Contarini
The name of this village derives from the river that crosses it, the Brenta, which descends from Trentino and then flows into the Adriatic. The Contarini and the Camerini were the great and noble families who followed one another over the years in the large mansion that represents the main attraction: just think that until the mid-17th century it was a rural villa which was then transformed into a Villa similar to a Royal Palace. After periods of splendor interspersed with those of abandonment, since 2005 the Villa has been owned by the Veneto Region. It has hosted concerts and many events, and we hope it will soon return to offer them to its many travelers who come to visit it from all over the Veneto region.
The frescoed interiors and the surrounding park are a fairy tale, but in the true sense of the word: a return to the past, to the splendor with the themed rooms and the park with temples and ducks to say goodbye.
For those who love contact with nature in the surroundings there are many routes to do to discover the naturalistic area around the Brenta river, by bicycle, on horseback or on foot.
Torreglia is located at the foot of the Euganean Hills, an excellent starting point for excursions and walks. I also see the Hills from my home, and they are a vision that makes me feel good, puts me in a good mood on bad days and I always find a good reason to go there. In Torreglia the vineyards are visibly lost and in the area once (but a long time ago) trachyte was extracted, the same that the Venetians used to build their city. What see? Villa dei Vescovi, the Church of San Sabino and the Hermitage of San Luca, the Hermitage of Monte Rua and then the many paths that go up and down giving incredible views and the scent of nature and undergrowth that changes in every season, but does always fall in love.
Cervarese Santa Croce and the Castle of San Martino
It is located between the Euganean Hills and the Berici Hills, along the Bacchiglione river. A popular destination for trips outside the city, especially by bicycle, the last stretch, from Selvazzano Dentro, runs along an embankment in order to avoid cars and the not always adequate cycle paths.
What to do? You can bring a book to read, take a walk in the surroundings, visit the Castle of San Martino dating back to the year one thousand with the task of being an outpost for military defense, between Padua and Vicenza. The Castle can be visited, so you can take a dip in the past!

Quarry Bomb
To get here by bike you need to be a little trained, but by car you can easily get there along a road in the middle of nature and the Euganean Hills that rise gently in the plain. Unmissable place for those who love everything related to geology and paleontology, as well as very suitable for little explorers. Cava Bomba is just a quarry where limestone was extracted which was then transformed into quicklime through a furnace. In addition to the Museum (it will reopen as soon as possible) which preserves interesting finds from the area, you can visit the park where there are life-size reproductions of some dinosaurs. From Cava Bomba starts a beautiful path that leads to the Busa dei Briganti … not to be missed!
The Path of Monte Venda
This is one of the paths that populate the Euganean Hills, do you understand that I am in love with it? I was saying, the Monte Venda path begins at the base of the highest mountain in the Paduan hills, a good 603 meters. It is called path n.9 and for a first stretch it is very easy, accessible to prams and pushchairs. A walk interspersed with oak and chestnut woods, ponds (when it is in season), and then an open space with benches where you can stop and take a break. You cannot go up the mountain because it is a military zone, but you can take the path that goes up until the road is no longer passable.
San Pelagio Castle
If D’annunzio has always fascinated you, if you like labyrinths, if you adore blooming rose gardens and fairytale villas, the Castle of San Pelagio is the right place for you.

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