In this period, the desire for sea and salt that sticks to the skin is felt overwhelmingly.

The heat on the skin due to the rays of the sun at the zenith, that sun that is not only lacking in the body, but which has become a necessity, which takes on the meaning of freedom.

To savor these sensations I would very much like to return to Framura. Do you know her?

Framura is a small town in the province of La Spezia, in the splendid Liguria. A village of less than 700 inhabitants, nestled between the waves that break on the shore and on the rocks and paths of Mediterranean scrub furrowed by trekking enthusiasts.

I went to Framura on a summer day, I was in Levanto and by bicycle I reached it along the cycle path that passes through Bonassola, or rather the old railway line that intersperses cool tunnels with enchanting views of the sea. You can also get there by car, but you would miss all the beauty of this route.
What not to miss in Framura if you want to stay by the sea
The Marina
Once in the village, on the seafront, a staircase or a panoramic lift will take you down to a small port, where you can swim, have a snack with a good focaccia bought in Levanto or wait for the boats of the fishermen who return home after the work. Or simply doing nothing, which we too often forget exists.
The beach of Torsei
The small beach of Torsei is among the most visited in Framura, so you have to arrive early to get yourself a spot. Alternatively, you can take a peek and take a bath with a view of the two rocks: Furmigua and Agua.

Porto Louse
This small cove can be reached from Porticciolo, or from the cycle path. A real gem embedded in the rock, very suggestive and well I would say romantic!

What if you want to stretch your legs?
In and around Framura there are many paths for trekking and walking. On that splendid day, I traveled the five hamlets: Anzo, Castagnola, Costa, Ravecca and Setta, all connected by a steep staircase, a pleasant walk that climbs up and down streets and stairs to discover beautiful villas, vegetable gardens and gardens. You go back a little in time, you walk between the silence and the breeze from the sea that moves olive trees and plants of the Mediterranean scrub releasing incredible scents.
Framura is an ideal destination for those who want to stay in an uncrowded place, where they can enjoy the sea but also the beauties of a village with a view.

Nearby you can also visit Bonassola, Deiva Marina and Levanto. Each season brings different colors and scents, but that of focaccia never changes, to be enjoyed at any time of day.

How missing …

I hope to come back soon.

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