Da Lat, a place to take photos of “virtual life”, is loved by ten thousand people!

Da Lat, a place to take photos of “virtual life”, is loved by ten thousand people!

It was the third time I went to Da Lat, but it was the first time going in a “dust” style, but going alone.

It was on a Sunday afternoon, I improvised, so I called to book a car, inquire the room price, book a room, and then get in the car at night. Although unemployed, financially tight. But, want is to go first, and the consequences, go on solving later (I do not encourage readers to follow my nghen).

Bao went to get inspiration about writing articles, but in the end, still could not write anything out of the soul, because the mind is full of lots of good articles about Dalat by other authors. People write so special, so poetic, so romantic …, but my head suddenly has been long and mysteriously, I cannot write any words for the soul.
However, there is no regrets when doing what you want to do: take pictures of the station, Da Lat Pedagogy College, Chicken Church (also known as the Chief Cathedral Church, located on the center of the city). street, but not twice before). I enjoyed the cold air (which was actually too cold for me), ate baked rice paper, and saw wildflowers blooming (not expected to meet).
In addition, also happened to meet a younger brother on Couchsurfing, who is a tourist student at Dalat University. Not at that impromptu afternoon, after booking a car and accommodation, I went to Couchsurfing, went to Da Lat, sent a message, saying: Tomorrow I come to Da Lat, does anyone want to share a motorbike to go around taking photos? If you have a picture, then leave it on Facebook for me (leave your Facebook nickname).

The next afternoon, at the side of Xuan Huong Lake, I went to Facebook and saw the message from me: Hi sister, I am a member of Couchsurfing in Da Lat, do you need any help? After reading the news, I naturally love this unfamiliar person. So I text: I don’t need anything, I rent a motel, a motorbike, buy a map and go out myself, tonight if you’re free, my sister will cafe.

Once I saw her reply, I told her that I gave her the address I was staying at. No wonder, this girl lives in an alley opposite the alley to the Bong Sen motel. It is predestined. Meet me, see me gentle, friendly as feel when reading the message. So, I was able to enjoy Dalat coffee (even at a student shop, right at the year of university, so it was not very delicious). Sitting on a high floor, watching people pass below, in the very cold air, though cold but very interesting.
Fortunately, Da Lat had rained before that day. Yet, the day I got up, it stopped raining (however, it was murky, not sunny, and much colder). The night I left Dalat, it rained again.
Thanks to previous visits to Dalat, I have also been able to visit most of the city’s attractions. So this time, the places I wanted to go, wanted to take pictures, wanted to see, wanted to enjoy, were able to do it, only in the first day. Considered to be satisfied. Regarded as a successful trip. So on the second day, I just got up early in the morning to take photos of Xuan Huong Lake and Dalat market, the rest of the time, I stayed in my room to sleep and … watch TV.

One side note, is that at the time of check-in, the motel worker (maybe the owner of the mistress) seemed surprised to find himself on this romantic city alone. When he said goodbye to the car, he said: Next time, go to two, ok!

It is true. Perhaps, Da Lat is not a place where lonely travelers can be happy!
Some of the author’s own experiences about Da Lat tourism from Dalat Ho Chi Minh (3 nights 2 days):

  • Going by Phuong Trang bus, going at night to save time and accommodation. It takes about 7 hours to get to the bus station (exclusively for Phuong Trang and Mai Linh cars). There will be a small shuttle bus (free of charge) carrying passengers to places in the city (the assistant car will ask you when you have settled in the car to Dalat).

Call center: (08) 3830 9309. Should carefully ask the time, which bus office (in Ho Chi Minh City) will pick up guests, to facilitate your travel from home to the station. Just call to book a ticket, when to go to the office about 30 minutes to get the ticket.

Ticket price: 220,000 VND / adult.

  • When coming to Dalat bus station, you should book (or buy) always return tickets. The ticket clerk will ask for your phone number and pick up location (if applicable).

If not, you can book tickets through the booking center in Dalat: (063) 358 5858.

  • Should add warm coats, scarves to hand luggage, so when the car to Da Lat in the early morning, it is very cold, you take out and put on immediately.
  • Do not know what is the peak season, but during the low tourist season in Dalat (October, November), hotels do not charge extra if checking in early from 6 am. Therefore, you can buy a night ticket from 22-23g, and be assured to check in early the next morning. So there will be more time to explore this romantic city.
  • If you have never been to Dalat, you can visit places such as: the city flower garden, the valley of love, the cool camp, the gold valley … And if you’ve ever been to Da Lat, please ignore the sights that in Travel guides are often mentioned, but explore the city on your own. Rent a motorbike (can ask the hotel reception, the price ranges from 80,000 VND – 100,000 VND / motorbike / day.
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