The small inns in Hanoi bring a new feeling for the nomadder

The small inns in Hanoi bring a new feeling for the nomadder

Jasmind Hostel is located in the heart of the capital, right at the old town, in Hoan Kiem district. From here, walk to popular and famous tourist attractions very close. These include the Turtle Tower, Hoan Kiem Lake (or Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi people also called Bo Ho), Van Mieu, and even the railway tracks that the Westerners or black bu red to capture. The street-style photo you see online, it’s so close to here.

Hostel hostel is a great place to stay! For short trips, where there is no transportation available, but it is a place where I have not or had little experience, I will bear a little expensive but in the central area, to easily travel and visit. important …

Here, do not call the street but call the street …

… People don’t call them alleyways, they call alleys or nooks …

I looked at the map on my phone and then directed to Sword Lake. If I went to Hanoi to see this lake again, without her, Hanoi would have lost something very sacred and familiar.

On the way, I saw a sister selling hot sandwiches on the sidewalk, so I rushed to buy some while walking and chewing. It’s just bread, but it’s hot, and it’s cold, so it doesn’t taste good! I speak with a Southern accent, but I don’t sell cut bread. Well, next to the Jasmind motel, there’s a small alley, inside there’s a girl who sells some noodle soup, but it’s salty, so I can’t eat it.

At this time, the weather is spring, mid-lunar January. The streets of the capital still have a Tet holiday with red flags hanging in front of the house, flower pots, empty scenery (perhaps not home yet to celebrate Tet). This season, the trees are in the process of changing leaves. Around only see the spindly twig branches sprouting a few young shoots. There are also sesame buds that turn orange. The space was covered with a thin invisible cloud of fog … I adjusted my wind jacket, pulled the zipper up all the way to my neck, and reached behind my back to pull the collar over my head. Muttering in my mouth amused: Hanoi, hello, remember me … It’s a very pleasant, very refreshing feeling.

I don’t know how other solo travelers feel, but to me, just having a peaceful scene like this, I feel satisfied and contented in my heart.
The Sword Lake is here, the closer it gets to the lake, the thicker the mist is, while the sun is not up yet, so the photos are blurry. Ho Guom, in the heart of the capital’s people, is a sacred and familiar place.

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