Kitty girls in Taipei

Kitty girls in Taipei

When I went to Taipei and rented a room, two Shanghai students were very cute, polite and pleasant, studying exchange for one semester in Kaohsiung, visiting Taipei for a few days. I invited Jiufen and Shifen to let me go with them every day, and they agreed. The other two were well prepared, so I just followed. The three sisters were very happy to go together.

That day I went to Jefee. Yebabj, Jbufw. The way to go is quite simple: from Taipei Main Station take the train to Ruifang station, get out of the station, buy a train ticket to the local train Shifen – Pingxi, priced at NTD 80. With this ticket, you can stop at Houtong station to visit the cat village, Shifen is famous as the most beautiful place to drop the light in Taipei, go to Jingtong and Pingxi stations which are also pretty small railway stations, everything is cute love and take 1001 pictures on facebook And Jiufen does not go on this train, but leaves Ruifang station, taking a bus going about 15p to Jiufen bus station (more clearly below).

Shifen is worth going, because this place drops the most beautiful sky lights, the most crowded, with waterfalls, trekking. If you do not go to Jiufen the same day, move to the next day, you can go to both Pingxi and Jingtong, and vice versa, you should choose only one of them because they are similar, saving time and effort. Another reason is that if you go to both stations, you will arrive at Jiufen quite late, around 6:30 am, at this time the shops on Jiufen are closed so they cannot see much. Like me, because the other two wanted to go and tell, I followed them, so I didn’t have any ideas, until the time came to Jiufen, the three sisters were exhausted and sleepy, and I could not see much in Jiufen. It’s okay, Jiufen should spend the whole day, come and eat coffee and artillery live slowly, save the next time.

I was not originally a cat person, but I heard that this town is very cute so I want to be curious. Just down the train station saw countless cat pictures along the station, following the overpass to the village gate, there was a cat waiting for tourists. Tiny town, small pretty hill road, going around 20 30p is all, and those who walk and see cats pet all day will not be bored

The cats here are very brave and very arrogant, very arrogant, not easy for them to pet and take pictures. She is very fat, because tourists are buying fattening food for extreme pleasure.

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