Central Highlands in me

Central Highlands in me

The journey to the Central Highlands to find some of his gongs took place nearly 1 year ago, but I don’t know why I forgot to update it on my blog. Today accidentally “she” again, the emotion remains intact. So the toad updated the blog again. The whole family spend some time to look at their pictures of the Central Highlands to see a very different Central Highlands! cloud. Beautiful Central Highlands? Yes, I don’t deny it. But to say that, in the lands he has been, this is one of the places where the forest was most devastated.
There were a few days of hiding in the village of Kon’KTu, living with the people there, cycling around the village and playing with the kids, etc. One morning woke up in the stilt house with the squeak of sparrows, laughing naturally as bright as the sun on the doorstep, and I said to myself, “this is the peace.” For some reason, I always like to search, collect, and pick up such simple and gentle things …

Remember the feeling when climbing to the place. Standing from above, looking directly at the border line between Laos and Vietnam, you see the green forest of your country, but our own forest … oh, I only see bare hills.
Remember the old days reading a few reports, I kept dreaming about a great Central Highlands with many mysterious stories deep in the jungle. Then the spiritual things, majestic, … invite. I also always carry in my heart images like this … until the day I come here.

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