A meal of sticky rice for breakfast

Covenant with the children, “Can we have a meal of sticky rice for breakfast every week in winter?” The proposal received a very strong consensus, as evidenced by the fact that every bowl of sticky rice is cooked to perfection.

Come on white sticky rice with braised meat, sticky rice with green beans, sticky rice with peanuts, sticky rice with cassava, sticky rice with xeo, and so on.

After dinner, glutinous rice is washed, soaked in water and salt. Beans, peanuts or cassava are also prepared at the same time. Particularly for sticky rice with fried onions, fried onions are always available in the freezer, just take it out to melt the cold and it will return to being crispy like new. If the sticky rice is white, there is a pot of meat and eggs, also braised from the night before.

Just like that, the winter breakfast gift does not take up too much of the mother’s time, but it is sure and warm, giving the whole family enough energy to go to school and work.

Sticky rice with peanuts and sesame salt
But also cooked from fresh cassava roots, this cake is called by the name… Banh Khoai Mi, because it is a type of cake of the Southern people.
Tapioca cake is an easy cake to make, even without weighing anything, it makes a delicious cake. Can be baked in large or small molds.



– Fresh tapioca (cassava root)

– Coconut

– Sweetened condensed milk

– Sugar (brown sugar or white sugar is fine – brown sugar has a better taste)

– Coconut fiber

– A little salt

– Chicken eggs (if you are a vegetarian, you can omit the eggs)

– Melted butter


Ratio: With 650g tapioca/cassava, today I used 200ml coconut milk, 60g sweetened condensed milk, about 100g brown sugar, a handful of desiccated coconut, 50g unsalted butter and a little salt (remove salt if using salted butter) – If using chicken eggs, with this amount of cassava only need 1 fruit, reduce 50ml of coconut milk, can add a little vanilla to mask the fishy smell of eggs if anyone is too sensitive to the smell of eggs.

Preliminary processing of fresh cassava/cassava: Fresh cassava needs to be processed before it can be processed. This step is to remove toxins in cassava roots, so it is necessary to prepare several hours in advance or overnight. Fresh cassava is more delicious because it has a lot of starch. Wash the mud, peel, wash again, then cut into short pieces about 10-20cm, remove the old fibrous part. Halve lengthwise the fresh cassava, remove the core, soak in cold water and a little salt.

After soaking for a few hours, take out the cassava, rinse it one more time under cold water, then grate it or cut it into small pieces and grind it in a blender.

Drain the pureed cassava into the flour mixing bowl. I don’t squeeze out the cassava juice and throw it away because… regret the natural sweetness and aroma of cassava roots. Add remaining ingredients, mix well. Requires a thick but not too thick mixture, you can increase or decrease the liquid in the mixture by increasing or decreasing the coconut milk.

Prepare the mold: just like when making a gateaux, spread butter and sprinkle with a thin layer of flour, knocking off excess. Pour the dough into the mold. Note: Tapioca bread does not rise after baking, so the mold can be filled (shallow). If using a deep mold, note that the baking temperature is not too high, lest the surface and bottom of the cake burn while the inside of the cake is not cooked. I use a shallow and long mold, so when I eat it, I don’t have to cut it into small pieces, and it’s also quick to bake. If using a large mold, do not pour the mixture over 5cm high.

Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius, bake until golden brown. Small molds like madeleines only need about 25-30 minutes. The larger the mold, the more time it takes, when visiting the cake, insert a toothpick or sharp knife in the middle of the cake (the thickest part), when the nonstick dough is pulled out, the cake is done. When it’s done baking, wait a few minutes and then turn the pan upside down to let the cake fall onto the tray.

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