Peanut cake

Peanut cake is a traditional dish, dipped with Ban soy sauce and served with crispy fried tofu. As a rustic dish, it’s easy to do, but requires a lot of “wild” things to do when you want to have to wait until all conditions are met.

Lost in the countryside must be delicious

A little lime water in

Rice flour doesn’t have to be very tasty, as long as it’s freshly ground and doesn’t smell like it’s been aged for a long time

And the most important thing, if you can’t tolerate a little bit of cold, don’t think about eating peanut cake. Must have solder. (*)

Next, equally important, is to find someone with really strong, supple arms. (**)



500g rice flour
40g dry lime (whole or powdered)
1000ml water (1L or 1kg water)
5g salt
50ml cooking oil or water fat
5g solder
100g raw peanuts


Soak peanuts for a few hours to soften, wash, boil soft with a little salt. Rinse with clean water, drain. Peanuts can be left with the shell on or can be peeled. Personally, I like to leave the shell, because the shell has a little salt in it, making it more delicious.
(Use the amount of water in 1000ml of water) Take about 200ml of water, dissolve lime, let settle. Decant clear water, remove cloudy residue.
Dissolve all water with rice flour, salt, cooking oil (or water fat).
Using a non-stick pot, stir the dough on the stove over medium heat. After boiling, the dough will become very thick and heavy.
5. Continue stirring on the stove, about 30-40 minutes continuously. The flour mixture will gradually become thinner and turn a very light brown color. Add peanuts and stir for a few more minutes.
6. Sprinkle borax on the surface of the dough, stir vigorously, for a few more minutes.

7. Pour onto a plate that has been coated with oil, or pour onto a tray lined with banana leaves/dong leaves.
7. The cooled cake will cool, solidify, can be cut into pieces or if poured in small pieces, it will peel off the plate/leaf.

8. Serve cold with soy sauce, is a snack in vegetarian days. If you want to make it into a savory dish, you can make banh chung without peanuts, let it cool, cut into small pieces, and pour in crab broth, you will have a delicious cake.


(*) Cakes without molasses, are no different from porridge.

(**) Those who don’t have flexible arms, after a small pot of cake, can’t eat a few pieces, but the arm will be tired/sore/achy for a few days. If you don’t believe it, try sitting around in a pot of solid dough for an hour non-stop 😉 My family only stirs the cake once every few months/half a year for this reason.
There was a time when TT and DD liked pancakes for breakfast, as they grew up they liked it less and switched to something else. This time it’s LL’s turn to love pancakes, but if LL likes anything, it doesn’t have to be breakfast or lunch. In the evening, you can also eat pancakes, then have dinner as usual. With a regular appearance on the table, this dish is back on the menu of the sisters.

Before going to school, they asked Mom to come back this afternoon and want to eat pancakes with milk for a snack before dinner. So my family has a plate of cakes, everything is small, the smallest is the size of the little finger, the largest is the thumb. Pancake recipes are available in the book 5 Seasons of Love or in the Table of Contents of the Turtle Kitchen. The first layer when baking the pan is often uneven in color, that’s because the oil layer is spread on the pan. The following layers are more evenly colored. Just a good non-stick pan or a cast iron pan that has been non-stick many times is enough.
“Portrait” of breads made a few days ago, until today there is only one piece left on the plate. Looking to get motivated to continue the weekend. So far, I have gradually “successful” in using less white flour (which has gone through the bleaching process), gradually moving to 70-75% organic/whole wheat, whole grains. Children begin to find dark colored cakes tastier than light colored cakes.
It’s raining today, so the mother and daughter’s activities have changed compared to sunny days.

In early spring, there are clear sunny days, the sky is blue and cloudy, we go for a walk, go out, look for young leaves to make banh Khuc, look for the dandelion flowers left over from the previous season to blow away. by the wind. For the rest, there are occasional rains that get lost and stay all day. On rainy days, we find fun in the house.

Someone carries a bell hanging, sometimes passes by and shakes a few times, shouting “Old McDonald’s had a farm, eieio…”, the sky outside is gray, the light is warm inside, it feels almost like a farm but rainy day. However, no one would admit that they were any livestock or poultry, definitely Lac-not-to-eat.
One child sleeps in the morning, another one learns to draw and paint quietly 😉 I went to the kitchen, after putting the dough in the composting basket, was about to write a new song. In the comments, I feel angry about the spelling. Noodles or Noodles? For me, the last “y” is more aesthetically pleasing (or “beautiful”, if you choose), and it doesn’t change the reading or meaning. So if it’s really annoying, I’m sorry, please avoid reading yourself. Also don’t read online newspapers, don’t play Facebook, don’t…don’t do anything, stay at home to get flour for sugar to make cakes (not bread of course), or go to work to contribute to society, or open books read

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