Month: December 2021

Healthy dishes

A meal of sticky rice for breakfast

Covenant with the children, β€œCan we have a meal of sticky rice for breakfast every week in winter?” The proposal received a very strong consensus, as evidenced by the fact that every bowl of sticky rice is cooked to perfection. Come on white sticky rice with braised meat, sticky rice with green beans, sticky rice […]

Dishes of the day

Something about bread

To this day Tortoise is also an amateur in most cakes, including bread of course. So, even if I try to rewrite what I know, this article should only be labeled “reference” (written when I’m very confused :P, because I don’t think I’m good enough to have confidence in the field πŸ˜› this). The most […]

Dishes of the day

Peanut cake

Peanut cake is a traditional dish, dipped with Ban soy sauce and served with crispy fried tofu. As a rustic dish, it’s easy to do, but requires a lot of “wild” things to do when you want to have to wait until all conditions are met. Lost in the countryside must be delicious A little […]