April gift 

The day before, generously using dried onions in a meal of rolls, MC heard that there was a need for onions, so at the end of the week, there was a box.

Not only Ly Son dried onions, there are also lime buds, dried bamboo shoots, CA PHAO.
Receiving a gift sent from afar, knowing for sure it’s edible but not knowing what it is, nervous. Out in the kitchen, in the sunlight of a spring afternoon, pour it all out on the floor. Bright eyes lit up when he saw each round, fat and fat onion, the salted eggplants were wrapped in nylon bags and then carefully bandaged in a plastic jar. How it used to be when receiving love letters, now it’s like, oh no, almost (lest people scold you for comparing sacred feelings with onions 😛 – but these onions don’t come from Where does love come from?

DD saw dried onions, immediately suggested “Mom cooks sticky rice”, but already has a sandwich for dinner. “I can wait!” “It will take a long time to soak rice and beans.” “I will wait for a long time”

Finally, the negotiation is over, tomorrow morning the whole family eats sticky rice with a lot of fried onions.

Dried onions, peeled, thinly sliced ​​(thinness/thickness as you like)
Fried onions: use a small pan/pan, pour oil about 2cm high, each time you should only eat 1 cup of sliced ​​onion rice. This way in the family will save cooking oil, not to mention the color of onions will be more uniform. Use medium heat, stirring occasionally.
Prepare a strainer (the turtle mother uses a stainless steel net noodle/wonton picker) and place a side bowl over the mouth. When the onion starts to turn yellow, pour it out into a strainer. Thanks to the heat, the onions will continue to turn darker. If you wait until the onions have a satisfactory color to take them out of the oil, there is a 100% chance that the batch of onions will be burnt.

Continue to pour oil into the pan/pan and saute the remaining onions.
Continue to pour the fried onions into a tray lined with greaseproof paper (or tissue). After cooling, onions will turn this color:
Let cool completely and then seal. If not using immediately, can be frozen, fried onions will still retain their crispiness. Note: Ly Son onions have a purple outer shell, so when making non-stick onions, the color will not be uniform, but the taste of Ly Son onions will eat off other types of dried onions

That night, after flying onions, soaking rice soaked in beans (recipe of sticky rice in the Table of Contents), made a really long sandwich for father and son,
Mother alone left the ranks to have a bowl of dry fish fried rice, and 4 eggplants!
Nhan has the topic of children’s weaning, and remembers what the birth mother’s abstain (from the professional term “pregnancy”). This article was intended to be written not long after birth, but in the end it was not until “one” was 6 months old that the first letter was typed 😉 Time passes quickly, but there are too many things people want to do again.

Having given birth to two children, I thought that by the time I had them, I would have known everything. The birth mother must abstain from many things, by default. Turns out that’s not the case everywhere.

Hospitalized the day before, that night, holding a very large belly, went to take a bath. Mom kept talking about the hospital’s shampoo room: there was a chair to wash hair. She washed her sister’s hair while talking and her head hurt because of the round sink, “it” said loudly, the sound echoed down and then went straight to the ears of the person lying “enjoying.” After washing my hair, I went to the bathroom and saw this, a chair used to take a bath. D. it says “okay, like a throne”. Then if the pregnant woman is not the king, who would dare.
The chair is very convenient, the height is just right, you don’t have to stand up and sit down. Done, ready to rest assured on the operating table. At that time, I still thought it would be a long time before I could shower.
Time in the hospital, “love” kindle 3G like that. Even if it’s black and white, even though the internet is slow, life is beautiful with it. The first email about LL was “spread” from this Kindle

C-section less than 24 hours, with a needle full of hands and back, a pole dangling from vials of intravenous fluids, a urinal still hanging next to the body, asked the doctor if he was allowed to go, the doctor said, in the evening let’s practice! After the nurse took off the foot massager, wiped her body, she felt very light. When the doctor came in to ask about it, when his back was turned, it was also when the “patient” sat up and supported the arm of the bed when he learned to walk, about 18 hours after giving birth. Head out into the hallway and into the newborn room. Oh, every child is the same, new born unaccustomed to light, dull eyes. Those who cry, cry, those who scream and scream, those who sleep, still sleep peacefully as if listening to a concert. Each child is placed in a crib like this:
Below is a place for the baby’s belongings: clean clothes, diapers, wet wipes – all of these are from the hospital. Above the hard mattress is lined with a white cotton towel, the baby lies in. The top of the crib has information on the name, date of birth, sex, weight, vitamin K intake schedule. On the side of the crib hangs a “input-output” monitoring board. On the third day, after all the needles were removed from the spine and the infusion was over, the nurses brought them to the basin to steam their feet for 15-20 minutes. After that, mom can comfortably take a bath! (Meet the “throne” in the bathroom again)

At home, everything must be strictly abstained, not bathing, lying in bed, wearing earplugs, wearing socks, and wearing a towel.

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