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Summer is coming, the hot sun surrounds you, you only want something cool. Yogurt or yogurt, so return to the daily menu of the whole family from small to large. 1.2L of yogurt per day in small containers that fit a spoon once a day.

Every year when I make yogurt in porcelain and glass jars, this year I accidentally bought a few plastic jars with thick lids, just the right size, so convenient. The two youngest children in the family are at the ‘clumsy’ age, whatever they hold in their hands, they have the ability to learn to fly. And their mother, was reunited with frozen yogurt, half cream, half yogurt.

Mother Doa’s yogurt recipe has been shared over the years, on this blog as well as in the book 5 Seasons of Love. Link to the recipe on the Turtle Kitchen here.

For every 1/2 can of sweetened condensed milk (about 200g), it is mixed with 1L of unsweetened fresh milk and 1 jar of “female” yogurt to make yeast. In the past few times, fundraising programs have had Alsa brand yogurt from France, which is very convenient to use. According to the above ratio, it will be necessary to use 1 package of yeast. Dissolve fresh milk and sweetened condensed milk, bring to a boil on the stove, then let it cool down until it’s warm, then add the yoghurt or yoghurt yeast, stir well and then divide into small jars.

The way to brew yogurt in particular or cakes/yogurt in general in summer is very easy because yeast is affected by high temperature. Hot summer, incubation time is also faster. Those who have an oven at home, just pour medium warm water (45 degrees Celsius) into a slightly deep tray, then put each jar in, close the oven door. An even simpler way, is to use a styrofoam box to keep the temperature stable: pour warm water in and put the milk jugs, cover the styrofoam container. A few hours is crowded.

When the yogurt has frozen and has a satisfactory acidity, transfer it to the refrigerator.
It’s so simple, but I wrote it many years ago, but that’s just the basics

From that basic recipe, we can transform into different types depending on our preferences.

Yogurt is both “smooth” and fatty? Add 100-200ml of fresh cream to the milk/condensed milk mixture, that’s the finished product, not only upside down, not pouring, even a 15-month-old baby dropping from above does not have leg cramps 😉

Green tea or cocoa flavored yogurt? Add a few tablespoons of pure matcha or cocoa powder to the milk mixture, stir until dissolved, that’s the finished product, not only milk but also cool tea or attractive cocoa.

Cheese yogurt? 100g of creamcheese blend in a blender with 200ml of milk (taken from 1L of milk in the recipe, so that the total amount of fresh milk used is still 1L) then mix with condensed milk and the remaining 800mL of fresh milk, bring to a boil, the rest of the formula remains unchanged.

Strawberry yogurt? 100-150g pureed red ripe strawberries added to the ingredients.

Yogurt is both flexible and fatty and has a cheese or fruit flavor, just like that, being more creative.

What about soft, fat but low-sugar yogurt? Remove the sweetened condensed milk ingredients, so we will have unsweetened yogurt.

So how to have yogurt that is not sticky, not fat, nor sugar? The answer is, “Who wants to eat that unappealing thing?” 😉 However, there is still a way: skim milk and female yeast also have no sugar.

Recently, my children eat cereal for breakfast, replace fresh milk with flexible, fat and low-sugar yogurt. There is already a lot of sugar in breakfast cereals. But if it’s not sweet enough, then a spoonful of honey will do it all 😉 at least add a delicious taste.

The yogurt cup is very flexible and very smooth, so much so that you can put many things on top without “sink.”
There is a picture of flan baked last night before going to bed, uploaded and captioned “Flan”. But “caramel” and “flan” are all messed up. Had to write his biography clearly on the wall of FB:

***FLAN: The full international name is CARAMEL FLAN, for short, FLAN. Northern people often call it Caramel or Caramel (probably from the French word Crème caramel), Southerners call it Banh Phelang (or Banh Lang), the Chinese call it Ice Cream.

***By the way, does anyone know all the names to call this cake in the languages ​​of 53 ethnic groups (except Kinh, Kinh has it) please help to localize the name Flan 😉

Many people ask, how to get the cake out of the mold easily? If the amount of caramel glaze is small, it will probably be more difficult with more caramel. To put it simply, if the bottom of the mold has a lot of water, the cake will not be “sucked” into the mold, so it will be easier to pour out, the more space between the cake layer and the mold, the easier it will be to remove the cake from the mold. After the cake is cooked, let it cool and put it in the refrigerator for a few hours or overnight, the caramel mixture will soften to a liquid form.

So how to make the cake smooth? Baked in a water bath, both leisurely and convenient, both beautiful and beautiful 😉

What is a water bath? Here is a link to an article on water bath baking in general, for cakes that need to use this method. As for flan, I don’t use a removable base mold, but I need a bottom mold, so I don’t need to care about wrapping the mold with aluminum foil to prevent water from seeping into the cake.

Caramel flan/flan/flannel/caramel/pancake recipe? Here it is!, with almost 300 old replies, probably answers many problems.

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