Crispy hot bread

The biggest boss is not at home, it’s a good time to make whole wheat cranberry white chocolate bread, because the boss “expert” insults the loaf “salty is not salty, sweet is not sweet, eating cake but seeing dry fruit. Fresh and delicious, don’t eat it, just eat dry food” despite trying to list the benefits of dried cranberry 🙁

Let’s get started.

(Time from start to finish is 4.5 hours including all stages)

Prepare the dough (prefement):

+ 115g warm water

+ 1g instant yeast

+ 65g chewy flour

+ 15g rye or whole wheat (If you don’t have whole wheat flour or rye flour, make the whole wheat chewy. Rye and whole wheat enhance the flavor).

Mix well, cover tightly. It will be used in two hours. This powder can be left overnight at a cool temperature, or after 2 hours in the refrigerator until used. If refrigerated, then before mixing the dough, let it out 1 hour before.

After at least 2 hours, we will need more:

+ 115g warm water

+ 1.5g yeast

+ 225-250g chewy flour

+ 5g sugar and 5g salt

+ 5g malt syrup, if using powdered malt, only 2g

* Nuts sprinkled on the cake as you like.

If using the recipe above, anyone with a mixer can put all the ingredients except water into the mixing bowl, then pour the minimum amount of water, use a dough hock to mix the dough. If the dough seems dry, add water. The amount of water needed in summer will be more than in winter. Using the kneading machine will take about 10 minutes on level 1. Hand stuffing will take about 15 minutes. Place the dough in a bowl, cover with a damp cloth, and leave in a warm place for 50-60 minutes.

Long time no cranberry and white chocolate cake, just took out a handful of each ready. It’s G time, let’s start shaping the cake.
I use a rectangular/oval incubation basket, a small round one. Today will make 1 oval cranberry white chocolate cake and a normal round loaf. It is estimated that the dough after shaping is placed in the basket, accounting for up to 3/5 of the basket’s area. The recipe above makes the dough weighs about 500g. It is estimated that the oval will use 300g, the small round weighs 200g. Create a circle first. Find a smoother surface…
But that’s okay, we turned our pretty faces up, cupped our hands, put our hands on the dough and started spinning. The hand is like a “cage” and the dough inside moves with the hand, it will gradually round and become taller. Doesn’t look like a thick cake anymore
With oval or long cakes, the process is almost the same as the baguettes made the day before. More chocolate and dried cranberries today. Spread the dough thinly, still choose a nicer smooth side facing down… Sprinkle with jam/chocolate seeds as you like.
In case of hurry or no composting basket, I can put a thin piece of coarse cloth in the inner basket of normal bamboo (small size). The purpose of the brotform rattan basket is to create a form, not to expand much, the reason if there is no rattan basket, it is necessary to line the fabric is because the dough needs to “breathe” during the incubation process. The rattan basket has special grooves and materials, so it is suitable for dough incubation. It is possible to sew a cover for the basket like this
Like that, alternating daily activities: walking, markets, meals, sports, entertainment and work, our breads are made this way. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, today I consider myself to have met the god of luck 😉 the cake also bloomed, the color was beautiful, it was not burnt black, the children met their hunger after lunch, so part of it was gone. Leave to cool, pack and have breakfast ready tomorrow

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