Month: November 2021

The Bakery

Biscuits à la cuillère

Biscuits à la cuillère, also known as sponge biscuits, sponge fingers, Savoiardi, Boudoirs or relatively popularly under the name Ladyfingers, to Vietnamese people, is Champagne. Remembering the old New Year days, when the family brought powdered egg sugar to make Tet biscuits, the Champagne cake wrapped in cellophane, sold in shops on Hang Duong Street, […]

Healthy dishes

April gift 

The day before, generously using dried onions in a meal of rolls, MC heard that there was a need for onions, so at the end of the week, there was a box. Not only Ly Son dried onions, there are also lime buds, dried bamboo shoots, CA PHAO. Receiving a gift sent from afar, knowing […]

The Bakery

Yogurt, yogurt and all related

Summer is coming, the hot sun surrounds you, you only want something cool. Yogurt or yogurt, so return to the daily menu of the whole family from small to large. 1.2L of yogurt per day in small containers that fit a spoon once a day. Every year when I make yogurt in porcelain and glass […]

My Kitchen

Crispy hot bread

The biggest boss is not at home, it’s a good time to make whole wheat cranberry white chocolate bread, because the boss “expert” insults the loaf “salty is not salty, sweet is not sweet, eating cake but seeing dry fruit. Fresh and delicious, don’t eat it, just eat dry food” despite trying to list the […]

My Kitchen

Coconut sesame biscuits

This afternoon, I was going to run to buy some flour to make cakes, but the rain was so heavy 😥, I stopped typing this cake until it was dry. hic. Coconut sesame biscuits, (it’s not really salty, it’s just that it has salt, even if there’s more sugar, it still tastes like salt, not […]