Virtual and real values, virtual and real friends in the 4.0 era

Facebook in particular or any general blog, forum, or website that I participate in online, to me, it is virtual, but it is, virtual but real, real but virtual. If every human being has a “child” and a “human” part, there are visible and invisible aspects, there are “three parts sinking, seven floating parts” things that even I myself have not yet discovered. Surely you can also realize that there are times when we want to express our personality, want to impress, want to stand out…, even though normally, we are a quiet, reserved person, reserved in our relationships and relationships. behavior…, is also completely possible. So for me, virtual Facebook is like that. But I also want it to be real, in real people, real things, real events, and, including having real friends.

So with my Facebook account founded 7-8 years ago, but until now the number of friends in the list rarely exceeds 300. Fixed characters are usually friends (actually friends) of all kinds. from school together, neighbors, colleagues, relatives, to “virtual” friends who know each other through common interests (usually travel, photography, literature), or have read and loved their blogs. me.

My Facebook friends, there are people that I actively make friends, it also comes from knowing them by chance and empathizing with them because they have similar interests or life views with me. But these people, there are some people, over time, I realize that sympathy is only temporary, and have unfriended.

I’m fastidious, I admit it, in that, every time I make friends on Facebook with someone, I always send a message to leave a few short lines introducing myself and the reason why I want to be friends with that person, so I I also want to have the interaction again, those who want to make friends with me should do the same as me, by showing all the requirements in the cover photo.

Strangers that I accept Facebook friend requests are usually, or leave messages as above, and then I will review the information to see if it is suitable for my interests and life views, if so, then newly accepted; or, if not, but with sincere words in the message, I also accept; or, even if you didn’t leave a message, but considering the information, it is both relevant and interesting, then yes.

Strangers that I cancel my Facebook friend request are usually the opposite of the people above. Personal information is not impressive and attractive (for someone who is curious and likes to learn new and interesting things like me), and does not tell me anything.

My Facebook friends, there are people, from “virtual” friends to real friends. From just getting to know each other through blogs, through Facebook, officially getting to know each other by meeting and hanging out in real life. These are very valuable acquaintances.

Friends to me, it’s not really something that is extremely important, but it is something that often makes me touched and grateful, based on the truth – TRUE – LOVE. So those who I have considered as friends, later, sometimes realizing they have different views on life with me, different personalities, and interests, they are still my friends.

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