True – False is only relative. Always suitable for the situation

There is a writing exercise with the title: “Describe your mother”. The student did the homework that he was orphaned, and the older sister in the family was like his mother. And he described the big sister.

That student made a mistake, off topic. But you are right because you have been very honest in telling the truth and feeling in your heart.

On the internet, there are many mothers and fathers who share about raising and teaching their children, including Western, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese methods, and then give positive results to prove that their method is effectively, so that others can follow suit.

I just thought, “unchanged, immutable”. The principle is that, the theory is that, but for each family, living situation, physical … of the child, there must be different changes, flexibly changing accordingly.

And I think, in the world there is nothing right – wrong, but only suitable – not suitable!

A beautiful dish, with fresh ingredients, cooked by a skillful chef, but not to your taste, to you, that dish will not be delicious, if not bad.

A good person, always willing to help you when needed, but in terms of interests, personality, thoughts, there is nothing similar to you. That friend is not suitable to be friends with you.

A job with high salary, good benefits, but always makes you stressed, worried, under a lot of pressure from your own colleagues and manager. That’s because the job doesn’t match your abilities, interests, and personality.

There will be many, many examples of what is appropriate or inappropriate, but each of us, in our youth, still wonders if we should do this, do that, should we judge change, should try, should commit… and then in the end, unable to answer the question deep in the heart, confused when looking at myself, not knowing what I really have been and am fighting for.

I hope you stay calm and sober to choose what is right for you. A shoe that is too wide or too tight will make you uncomfortable to wear, and you have the choice to hold on or let go of the illusions that have dazzled you in order to compete with life.

If you know it’s just an illusion, but you still want to hold onto it, why complain? To whom?

If you have chosen to let go, then gladly accept the decision. Life is like that, but very short!

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