Positive makes our life lighter

When our thoughts change, our attitudes change, our thoughts change, all of a sudden, your life will change. Absolutely. So, I wonder why I don’t change my thoughts in a positive way. Same problem, but if we think of it in a positive way, we get a positive outcome, or at least, make us feel better. From there, this life full of difficulties and challenges will become more pleasant and lighter.

Let’s learn and practice a positive life together. How is this?

1. Let’s not “look up”, and don’t “look down”, but “look straight ahead, look sideways”. Do not “look up” so that you do not have to see people who are better, beautiful, good (if you ever think so) than yourself. Do not “look down” so as not to see the adversarial, gloomy fates. Let’s “look straight ahead, look sideways” to always maintain your stance, keep your faith in the present, to keep trying to move forward, in the most peaceful and stable state of mind.

2. When something makes us angry, take a deep breath, stay calm, be quiet, don’t do anything. Ask yourself, what does anger do, does anger make us feel good, does it solve the problem? Or just make things more complicated, lose relationships that were inherently good, lose both happy and sad memories that people who make us angry have experienced with us…

3. Practice tolerance, ignore things that should and should be ignored, be less strict, complain less, and blame.

4. Don’t lament our fate, because after all, our fate is ours (consciously or unconsciously) created.

5. Stop prying into other people’s private affairs, do your own well.

6. Always smile, to everyone, stay optimistic in everything.

7. Always be yourself, “no matter who says it’s slanted”, says slant. As long as our hearts are always at ease, we can do what our hearts tell us.

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