Less is the best. Simplicity is the brightest.

Sometimes I get a question from my colleagues, why they rarely see me wearing makeup. I often ask them again, what is makeup for while work does not force me to do it. They, some answered that, in order to be more beautiful, others said that, in order to conceal imperfections (usually acne and ugly bruises on my face), some people said that makeup is also a How to respect those around you.

Usually I just laugh it off, or reply, that I don’t like it, I’m not used to it, and it’s not necessary.

I do not deny that makeup, if done properly, and just enough, will make my face more beautiful, and so do other girls.

A little blush makes a woman’s cheeks rosy, attractive. A little lipstick helps to make the lips fresher and fuller. Women have many ways to make themselves more attractive, and clothes, hair, or makeup, are just those ways.

I think, if I have to wear makeup, that’s all I need. I only wear makeup when working in positions where the job requires it, when attending a wedding party, or whenever I want to transform myself in front of my own selfie camera.

And I also think that the meaning of makeup, if know how and in moderation, is to enhance the perfect features and hide the defects on the face. That’s all.

What I said above does not mean that you apply makeup to create a completely different face that even yourself startled and panicked when looking in the mirror. Or, apply makeup to “beautify the face” of the people you will meet.

Respect for others, there are many ways to show it. It comes from your very heart. It is sincerity, understanding, sympathy, which comes from who you really are. Not, showing a lifeless and unnatural face, losing oneself because it has been smeared with layers of fake and vain makeup.
Michelle Phan – a Vietnamese-American girl with a great passion for makeup, who became famous thanks to her videos on how to teach makeup and beauty on YouTube, once said: “Asian faces have very beautiful features. In particular, beautiful makeup is not makeup that is “Western” but rather enhances those distinct beauties. I completely agree with this point of view. Makeup, in addition to making your facial features more perfect, is also a way to express yourself, a way that the unique features that only your face can reveal, the way Your unique self has a chance to shine.

5. That said, I’ve never been against makeup. I only agree with external makeup for the purpose of making myself beautiful in a gentle and “real” way, in fact, it also has to be suitable for the surrounding circumstances.

That way, only you can understand what kind of makeup your face is suitable for. Do not follow the diverse styles that stars or celebrities, hotgirls are pursuing. Don’t experiment with erratic trends that don’t fit at all. Lips painted with red sooty lipstick as if splattered with blood, or purple as if they’ve just eaten sim, black cat-style eyes like they’ve just been bruised, or smoky eyes like lack of sleep… will It looks just right if it’s applied to match the contours of your face, and the context in which you’re going.

6. I don’t know much about fashion or makeup. I’m just a person who likes things natural and idyllic. For me, the saying “Less is more” has always been an excellent orientation in what is related to aesthetics.

Less is the best. Simplicity is the brightest.

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