I’m just an ordinary girl…

I’m an ordinary girl like everyone else, although I sometimes see myself, and get commented on doing unusual things. But it doesn’t matter, people are not machines, they are not robots to do whatever they want to do, go where they are told to go… If the human body never gets sick, it’s cold and there’s no cough runny nose, hot weather does not know hot, those are also manifestations of disease, not a normal body. So sometimes, we have to do something unusual according to our thoughts and feelings, in order to feel that we are still normal.

Whatever it is “ordinary”, I don’t allow myself to be mediocrity.

I love this life. Of course. I love learning about things that are useful and enjoyable.

Quite often, a few questions pop into my mind, and I want answers right away. So Google is a useful friend of mine. Don’t be surprised and feel irrelevant if you know that I’m about to go to sleep, I still try to open my eyes just to google it, when I happen to ask the question of Mount Everest in Tibetan, that’s what I call it. come on, and how the Nepali language is named, casually running through my train of thought. Or like it suddenly rains, I will search the folders for a romantic picture posted on Facebook, and at the same time have to Google to find a good poem or saying about rain to caption the photo to suit the weather and mind. status…

I like to travel, like to go here and there, don’t like to sit in one place forever, look at the same place forever, eat the same food, listen to the same song forever.

I like to write. Write down your thoughts, what you see, hear, and feel. Miscellaneous things spread that I myself later when re-reading also feel surprised.

I like photography. I like to record simple, natural and ordinary things from my own point of view. It is a bit of a pity that there is no machine that can both record what we see, feel, smell, hear…

I am quiet, a little timid, a little cold. In me, there is both reason and emotion. I’m romantic, I’m dreamy, but I’m also realistic. I am independent, I am free, but I am also self-deprecating and hesitant. I am optimistic, but also worried. I don’t get along with the curmudgeon, the squishy. I appreciate sincerity, easygoing but not easygoing.

I, in the portrait photos taken by myself or by acquaintances, see myself appearing at times friendly, sometimes gentle, sometimes cold, melancholy, or as if meditating. There are moments when looking at photos I don’t think I’m like that. Can not understand. But if that’s the case, that’s just normal.
I am still in the process of discovering this life, thereby discovering myself. Life is not long, short is not short, but the process of learning and discovering yourself must be long and thorny. At the age of 31, I advise myself, try to think positively. Try to develop sincerity, cultivate kindness and patience, and enjoy your life.

I’m just an ordinary girl…

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