How to revive our spirits

In life, sometimes there are times when we naturally feel that everything becomes meaningless, that is when our hearts are empty, our minds are indeterminate, bobbing like a boat while being pushed by the water. drift, or let the waves crash.

That feeling is very scary and shouldn’t last long. So what should we do?

Choose the method(s) that work best for you, with the following suggestions:

1. Hide in a corner alone, then listen to music that usually calms you down (some people choose music without lyrics, others choose rock…); or practice breathing, trying not to think about anything; Or read books about philosophy, about meditation, you may not understand right away, but they are like those seeds of the soul that have been sown, waiting for the rain to come and germinate.

2. Invite a close friend who can listen to your heart; cheerful, carefree love of life; deep form of contemplative philosophy, so that we can drink coffee together, enjoy tea, and through which you can share your feelings.

3. Go shopping, if you don’t have money, just “window shopping” is fine.

4. Invite a lot of friends and sing karaoke together. Inspiration for life and love for life will return to you.

5. Watch horror, comedy or investigative movies, generally the kind of movies that are strongly likely to like your feelings.

6. It’s simpler than walking in a green campus, like a park. Nature helps to comfort and soothe your mood a lot.

7. Exercise, like walking, playing badminton…

8. Focus on your hobby(s), your passion(s), such as playing the piano, dancing, painting, photography, traveling…

9. Try going online to chat with strangers, knowing someone’s perspective on life can help you regain balance in your life.

10. Treat yourself to delicious food that you like.

11. Join an offline session of a club that you are interested in, such as a music, sports, English club, a movie group, an idol group, etc.

12. And finally, always remember the sayings full of optimism, for example: only remember the happy stories, and let the sad stories float away; life often has problems that we have to face, either laugh or cry, so why do we choose to cry; then everything will be over…

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