On Saturday, someone flattered, “I’d rather eat Mommy’s Takoyaki than all the Takoyaki bought from outside.”

it’s also simple, because Japanese food is easy to go to the market and make here, nothing is lacking, especially in the house (although cooking little Japanese food) but the ingredients are available. Take the baking pan down, make the dough (recipe is in the Table of Contents if anyone is interested)
After eating Saturday lunch, on Sunday morning someone said, “I like to eat the food Mom cooks, even when I have a stomach ache.” So are you having a stomach ache or are you craving something???

“I want to eat Takoyaki too.”

That’s okay, because everything from yesterday is still enough to do, just missing the octopus. Someone volunteered not to eat octopus. “Then why call it Takoyaki?”

So today, it’s raining, and there are two Takoyaki pans at noon.

At the end of the meal, Mom said, “Okay, tomorrow I won’t have a stomachache and I won’t want Takoyaki either.”

They replied, “I know. Tomorrow is school day, do you have lunch at home with Mom and Dad?”

In return, they have the courtesy to prepare dessert for Sunday night. This is Mom’s portion, with 1 mochi extra than the rest 😉 Hot red bean and mochi tea served with vanilla ice cream. There couldn’t be a better way to end a great weekend
After baking, they also nod, yes, grapes, this is a real grape.

Mom is very happy, that’s all. At least true art is properly appreciated. Grapes, must be grapes.
Short-term joy does not last long. Dad came home from work and asked, “What’s that on the table, Mom?”

“Ah, that’s the bunch of grapes.”

Thoughts “co-husband and wife look at the bunch of grapes,” but no, “How can there be grapes of that color?”
Just follow that logic, then… dear children, “What color ass is there? How can there be a tit that color?”
And also “How can there be a basket of flatbreads like that? Even if you look at it from above, it has to have a height, a depth, right?”

Phew, art is a whole… art. And the critics are always right. Surely so.
* Soft bread, milk buns recipe or any soft roll recipe will do. After finishing the first incubation, punch the air bubbles, divide each part, make a circle and so on. Large dough blocks can be filled in the middle, sweet and salty as you like.
It is clear that the weather affects people’s moods.

At the beginning of the week, emails back and forth with little girl H.N. At Nha Nam Publishing House, we discussed the design of “5 Seasons of Love”. I sent the near-final design, with a few lines of text that made this place feel the autumn sky of Hanoi.

The past few days have been affected by storms, yesterday it was still sunny after two days of heavy rain, but this morning it turned cold and windy. I think if you woke up in Hanoi this morning, you would really like it, very similar to Xuan Quynh’s poem:
Why don’t you button your shirt?
It’s cold, it’s cold today
Too much wind, the room becomes cramped
The dust on the street, the street with few people passing
I come out of the house to the intersection
Stop the red light in front of the first row of nails
Wait for the green light to turn on
I’m back again, winter city.
Hi hi, I’ve been talking to you for a long time because I feel so excited this morning, it’s been a long time since I was pregnant. When washing my face, I felt cold water on my hands, but I thought my season was really coming.
On this side, the father turtle and the children have begun to put on thin coats when leaving the house every morning while the mother and turtle coax each other to be obedient so that the oven is still warm. However, in the afternoon, the temperature increased a bit, enough for me to lie down and read a book with a short-sleeved T-shirt in the afternoon sun.
It’s autumn!
On the occasion of today’s Thursday, “tools day”, the mother turtle introduces an autumn-themed mold by Nordic Ware. Maple Leaf Shape!
It’s been a long time since I’ve received the news: The recent absence of SCP – there’s a reason – Next year our whole kitchen will welcome “LL’s brother” to the SCP family. SCP’s mother is carrying a dragon in a tank of water 😉 (So, I have a goal to strive for!). Let’s wish both mother and child good health, overcome the morning sickness, we will go back to the kitchen!
Also related to “Season”, there is one more news: The book “5 Seasons of Love” is in the final stage, will complete the design work this week to be printed next week. Our book editors in Nha Nam will have another busy weekend, especially the mother and daughter of the Flute family.

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