Month: September 2021

Snacking Times

The season for vegetables

I still have to go to the stationery store to buy notebooks and pencils for my sister, but the stationery store is open late. Taking Su to class, mother and daughter walked to the market. Autumn is not the season for vegetables, and with a trolley, it is impossible to carry a lot of things. […]

Dishes of the day


On Saturday, someone flattered, “I’d rather eat Mommy’s Takoyaki than all the Takoyaki bought from outside.” it’s also simple, because Japanese food is easy to go to the market and make here, nothing is lacking, especially in the house (although cooking little Japanese food) but the ingredients are available. Take the baking pan down, make […]

Healthy dishes

Pia cake

Pia cake is a famous delicacy of Soc Trang, but at Lu’s kitchen, it has the brand name Hiu hiu. Also because this recipe has been waiting for more than 4 years now. Whose neck is long can’t be longer. I was supposed to write submissions yesterday, but for some reason, there’s only one new […]

Snacking Times

Unsalted butter

From the production process that butter is classified into the following types: – Unsalted butter / unsalted butter – unsalted butter, including two types: + Sweet butter: As unfermented, “sweet” butter is popular in the UK and US thanks to its natural flavor and mild milky aroma. + Sour butter / cultured butter / cultured […]