Have you found that the fried rice (or fried rice) outside the restaurant is often too dry?

I usually don’t like to eat fried rice at the restaurant because I feel that they roast the rice too dry for my taste. Therefore, when I crave fried rice, I will make it myself. And of course, I will roast the rice at a medium level (a little drier than normal rice) and still have a certain softness.

My favorite fried rice dish is fried with minced beef and this time I tried adding baked cheese (it’s good to say “ignore” but I actually use an oil-free fryer :D).


White rice (should take less than you normally eat, because when the rice is fried with other things, the portion will be quite large)
1 egg
Minced beef
Dried Oregano
Pepper, soy sauce, fish sauce, dried onion, dried garlic
Cheddar cheese slices

Minced beef marinated with soy sauce + pepper + dried oregano for about 5-10 minutes -> fry fragrant garlic and then bring marinated beef on a large fire until cooked.
Fry the dried onions and then pour the white rice into the pan and stir a little to make the rice looser -> add the beaten eggs, then quickly stir so that the eggs are mixed with the rice -> add a little fish sauce and stir well.
Then, put minced beef into the rice pan and stir for about 30 seconds -> season with soy sauce to taste and then continue to stir for another 30 seconds, then turn off the heat.
Scoop the rice onto a plate, place a slice of cheddar cheese on top and place it in the NCKD (oil-free fryer) at 200 degrees Celsius for 3 minutes.
Note: I can’t write down the exact amount / weight of ingredients because I usually cook by emotion and estimate by eye, so please understand.
But who cares when it’s time to start working, I realize that I am still “young and very green”.

The thing is, I’m a never-boiled egg, which means I never-have to peel an egg. So when I started making Scotch Eggs, I failed right from the peeling step. In the recipe that requires hard-boiled eggs, it will be even more difficult for those “almost never peeled eggs” like me. After failing to reach the 4th fruit, I decided to boil the egg until it was cooked, then peel it. Although the skill of peeling a cooked egg is not much better than peeling a dug egg, it is still acceptable at least temporarily.

After making that Scotch Eggs, I tried again but with quail eggs. And I asked my mother to peel the eggs for me instead of doing it myself (I don’t have much faith in myself, because I also don’t eat boiled quail eggs :D). And luckily, I succeeded!

400g ground pork
10 quail eggs
2 chicken eggs
Green onions, coriander, dried onions
Pepper, yellow mustard, soup powder
Wheat flour, fried dough
Instructions on how to

Ground pork mixed with green onion + dried onion + coriander (minced) + yellow mustard + pepper + soup powder.
10 quail eggs boiled (should be boiled, I can’t imagine what flavor quail eggs will taste >< ). Then cover the quail eggs with minced meat (mixed above).
Roll the egg-wrapped meatballs in flour -> eggs -> breadcrumbs
Evenly oil the egg-covered meatballs and then put in an oil-free fryer, bake at 200 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes (15 minutes on each side).
Scotch Eggs are called “picnic eggs” because this dish is often used to eat on picnics because of its very suitable properties.

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