Chung cake

It’s really just for wrapping tiny cakes. So once again the rice was spread out in the middle of the house. Each person has a job: Dad pounding beans, children wiping leaves. The other one doesn’t have to do anything, go out and clean the TV 😛



– 4kg of glutinous rice

– 1.7kg of green beans

– 1.5kg pork (three pieces)

– Spices, salt, pepper, cooking oil

– Leaves and patties wrapped in cakes



Wash the rice and soak it for a few hours to get enough water. Add a pinch of salt to make the rice rich.

Wash green beans, pour warm water and soak for a few hours. Remove shell or grit if present. Drain to drain. Mix a little salt, cook until cooked.

Sliced ​​meat, marinated with salt, monosodium glutamate, ground pepper for a few hours.

Leaves are washed and dried. Soak in water until soft.

Here’s my dad’s job: Crushing beans, grinding pepper
But my mother asked to grind two kinds of pepper. Large seeds for marinating meat, fine seeds for mixing with beans…
Do has been partially grasped. Big peas are for big cakes, small peas are for small cakes. Both wrapped and steamed beans.
Finally pour the rice, and wrap it up, Once done, put the cakes in the pot. The bottom of the pot is lined with raw leaves and old, loose leaves.
Pour water over the cake. Put on the stove to boil. From when the water boils, the timer starts. Small cakes are taken out after 4-5 hours, middle cakes are 7-8 hours, big cakes are cooked for 10-12 hours. After the cake is cooked, turn off the stove, open the lid to cool down. Remove cake, wash cold water. Put the cake on the flat ground, put a board on it, put the pot of water to cook the cake on for about 1 hour to squeeze the water out. Small cakes do not have to be pressed anymore 🙂

The smallest cake is brought out to “taste” the next morning. The small leaves are still young, so the cake is not green, but still smells like leaves.
Grandma returned, father also returned to Hanoi on a business trip, mother and daughter were at home “alone.” It doesn’t matter how cold it is, because they stay at home hugging each other to play, eat, and sleep.

The Christmas and New Year season seems to be long gone when the cake house now looks like it’s just been in the middle of a storm! The roof tiles were peeled off, the candy at the door also disappeared, leaving only the “mortar” stains. The chimney has also lost its roof.

At the weekend, there was a bunch of dong leaves and a few pounds of green beans MC sent, so I asked Uncle An to help buy a few pounds of meat. There are leaves, beans, meat, and rice that have been purchased in advance and made available. It must be bragged that before she returned, she took advantage of buying 40kg of rice and nearly ten kilograms of sticky rice. It is true that you can eat until “next year” but the new year is only 2 weeks away. As a southerner, we have to pick apricot leaves this week 🙂 Northerners are busy wrapping cakes, buying dried shrimp, buying tamarind balls, and then soaking dried bamboo shoots.

The leaves are quite clean, washed and then wiped with a towel, two times. The other year, the whole family wrapped cakes together, each person did their own thing (the youngest Su couldn’t do anything, while San was cleaning the leaves, Su was cleaning the TV), but this year without Dad, there was Ti so Su and San is only responsible for keeping you. Ti story with a bunch of dong leaves for the article “When people are 5 months old” in a few days. Today, Sa’s mother has to take advantage of showing off the pot of banh chung.

The meat was marinated last afternoon, right after coming home from the market. That’s a lot of ground pepper. Put it in a nylon food bag, close the mouth, and put it in the refrigerator. That way, no matter how big the piece of meat is, it will absorb evenly from the inside out.
Soak beans.

Wash the rice, soak the rice in water with a little salt.

These are green leaves. Seeing the “2cm long” petiole makes me feel moved 😛 (Thank you to the whole family of Uncle Ty for not being afraid to carry things, and also send and pay for the postage).
and those leaves can be held and danced by a “drunk conductor”! 😉

Holding a leaf in your hand, holding one end of the leaf in your mouth, smelling the fresh leaves, and feeling the taste of Tet. The “privilege” of the people in the kitchen is this, not everyone can feel it if they don’t wrap the cake themselves.

And it’s not always that the Tet memories with Grandma are as clear as when sitting in front of the ingredients for wrapping banh chung. After so many years, I still remember the little woman sitting on the wooden floor in the early morning of the cold season, stripping each leaf, carefully mixing each basket of rice, holding each handful of beans…
In the evening, when the children were asleep, half of the green beans were steamed and then held in handfuls.

Waiting for a long-distance phone call from Daddy tortoise to show off “today, mom will prepare a cake to welcome Dad home for Tet”, and leave everything there, cuddling the three of them to sleep.

At 9 am, my parents wanted to get out of bed. It’s too cold. Take out the rice, wash it once, drain the water, mix with salt and cooking oil.

Steam the remaining green beans.

And start wrapping.
After Tu finished eating, it was Tue and Du’s turn to eat cake and drink tea. Mom had to join in, too, because hot tea was so seductive.

After all, the first two cakes were wrapped at 10am.

The bean pot on the stove was overcooked. Tu helps grind pepper to mix in beans.
A little bit of each, enough to have 3 small “crab” banh chung for 3 baby turtles.

Everything is gone, only the very fatty piece of meat is left over. Continue to “ax porridge” with the dish “Shrimp dry braised” which consumes a lot of water.
Everything ended before 12 noon, just in time for the mother and daughter’s lunch.

Now, the cakes have been sitting in the pot for nearly 7 hours. The smell of Tet wafts through the house.

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