Month: August 2021

The Bakery

Cupcakes with cream cheese and jam

Last night, I made a batch of cakes for the baby, but the two sisters ate most of it. Overtime tonight. Ms. Thanh asked how, actually like this. The recipe is still the kind that people love the most, just a little more creative… Another demo: This afternoon, when she came home from work, her […]

My Kitchen


Have you found that the fried rice (or fried rice) outside the restaurant is often too dry? I usually don’t like to eat fried rice at the restaurant because I feel that they roast the rice too dry for my taste. Therefore, when I crave fried rice, I will make it myself. And of course, […]

The Bakery

New Year’s Eve with vegetarian cakes

The third day of the third month of the lunar calendar is the New Year of vegetarian cakes. Finishing breakfast is just in time for the pot of beans to cook. Mix the dough, shape the cake, boil the cake and put it on the dishes, it’s almost noon. After the ceremony is over, the […]

Healthy dishes

Chung cake

It’s really just for wrapping tiny cakes. So once again the rice was spread out in the middle of the house. Each person has a job: Dad pounding beans, children wiping leaves. The other one doesn’t have to do anything, go out and clean the TV 😛 Recipe: Material: – 4kg of glutinous rice – […]