Father is away, mother has a pot of Hue beef noodle soup for a few days (because she has to eat alone), children change dishes constantly.

Then, one day, the two of them craved fried noodles. But the “Ah! Daddy’s back” noodles have to wait until Saturday. Change direction, stir-fry a pan of yakisoba noodles, so you still have fried noodles, but you don’t have to touch that “special” dish.

Yakisoba is a simple dish because fresh noodles are available in supermarkets, each package has a few dozen silver coins, 3 packages cost less than 50 yen that the children and their mother have to eat more than 1 meal to finish. Thinly sliced ​​pork belly, half a cabbage, 1 carrot. The main seasoning to season this dish is a mixture of finely ground salt and pepper and yakisoba sauce (available in supermarkets).

Stir-fry the meat until cooked, season with salt and pepper, then add carrots and cabbage (cabbage cut into 2-3cm squares) and stir-fry. Add the noodles and continue to stir-fry. Finally season with yakisoba sauce.
Last week, the Farmers’ market had snails, that bag of snails, along with some green bananas, were “turned” into a pot of snails (braised) with bananas and beans.
Last week, the plot to cook vermicelli noodles was unsuccessful. The pot of bone broth was already set, but it rained again. The weather in early summer is three days of sunshine and seven days of rain. The weather forecast says it’s sunny and it rains, it’s sunny and it rains, I don’t know what to do! Going to the market late, the mother and daughter went to the place where the snails ran out. Lucky to see the tangle along the net. So… the result is known to everyone: Noodles along the mosquito net.

Then this week, it rained, even though it rained, mother and daughter left the house at 8:30 a.m., determined to catch a bag of snails.
Tenten… this lunch of the two oldest boys. And whenever there is vermicelli noodles to enjoy in the cold rainy weather, then mother and daughter hug each other and take a nap, that day is especially happy 😉 Afternoon, if you don’t go for a walk or pick up For sisters, staying at home requires a lot of energy from both mother and child.

Play with toys, jigsaw puzzles, ride wooden horses, climb on top of the crawling cows from one end to the other, when bored, switch to drawing. Drawing, is a talent that has not been discovered and shined in me, so when I asked to draw a Cat today – I immediately drew a cat, not forgetting to take careful notes, lest someone mistake it for a mouse or something else. Then I suggested drawing China. Okay, but there’s a cat ahead, so the train will have to turn right in the left corner of the board. There should be “clouds” on the locomotive’s chimney (!!!) Next, I asked to “draw flowers.” And that flower, besides drawing 5-6 small circles that stick together like doughnuts, I don’t know how to draw flowers at all, so I randomly drew a vase, and temporarily borrowed Dad’s sunflower to ” plug”.

It is impossible to ignore the “performance” of climbing up the windowsill, reaching out to the garden where there are tomato branches at the top, sweet peppers at the bottom. With, to see if there are leaves, flower clusters not to pick. More about the chili plants, they are still flowering diligently now, and each plant has grown to 4-5-6-7-8 branches. If someone is a chili plant, every time the top is cut off, you will know why.

At the same time as sowing peppers, Mother split a plant for DD to bring to school. While Mom was impatient because this year’s colorful chili plants yielded too late, this afternoon, DD brought home a green chili. The first chili I harvested from the tree my mother sent me to take care of.

The ax porridge story begins: Su said, “Now that we have chili, we can make pizza tomorrow, Mom!”
That’s right, the best is for breakfast.

The dough is brewed from the dark. Wake up in the morning, while the children do morning cleaning, sweeping and vacuuming the house, mother bakes cakes.
When the cake is done, take it out of the oven. Today’s pizza has mushrooms, smoked sausage, bacon, and of course green bell peppers.
At the weekend, the house has guests to play. The guest said, “We want to visit our new home.”

The menu was created with the consent of both the owner and the guests: Spring rolls, pho, and pizza for the kids. But at the end, there was a surprise.

The pot of pho was simmered the night before, in the yard. In the morning, the broth is ready, just go to the garden to pick a few baskets of vegetables and prepare pho.

Spring rolls are replaced by pancakes, rice paper rolls with lots of vegetables. Obviously a pleasant surprise for the guests, because the dish is brand new!

Plate of sugar-coated donuts as suggested by the kids, and tea for dessert. Everyone was happy, and had to sit for a few hours drinking tea and talking before they could get up and leave

The guests came home, the whole family finished cleaning, went for a walk, and when they got home, no one told anyone to go to bed together.

The only donut left was split in half so that two people could share.
The morning plate of raw vegetables only had a few lettuce leaves left. Vegetables are young and fresh, everyone says they are better than vegetables in the market. It’s not strange, sometimes a baby still takes a hoe to the garden to dig up everything, so that the mother has to replant. Maybe that’s why the vegetables taste better!
Mr. Chu said which guest is so precious. Ri’s mother replied that when invited to her house, everyone was a guest. Being able to sit together for a few hours, eat a few dishes, tell a few stories, is so precious. When Uncle Zhou comes to the house to play, especially when he brings his girlfriend, he is also a guest

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