Milk products

Extremely diverse and rich. Only regret is that in Vietnam, dairy products are not as popular as abroad, the number of products is small, the price is expensive, so the choice of housewives is also more limited. Hopefully with the development of the homemade baking movement, gradually we will have more opportunities to experience attractive dairy products at better prices and a wider variety

Take a look at some familiar names that are often mentioned in recipes:

Cream: A layer of fatty cream floating on the surface of pure fresh milk. The cream is silky soft, silky smooth and named for its fatness. Usually sold in the form of a paper box like fresh milk or a compressed bottle for instant use, it has sugar and just needs to be shaken and sprayed, it can be straight into the mouth like in the movie 😉

Heavy Cream: Contains 36-40% fat, keeps its form when whipped. Used to make cream fillings for cakes or to decorate. This type is rarely sold in Vietnam
Whipping Cream: commonly known as fresh cream, contains 30% fat. Does not hold the stand as well as Heavy Cream. Therefore, it is often used as a filling, or a simple decoration. In liquid form, unwhipped, can be mixed into mixtures such as flan, yogurt, etc. to increase the aromatic fat. There is a type containing 30% fat but note that it is Cooking Cream, dedicated to cooking soups for children and all children who like Western food ;). Available at all supermarkets, dairy stalls, with a variety of brands such as Anchor, President, Emborgh, Elle & Vilre…
Light Cream: Contains 18 – 30% fat. In Vietnam, it is sold in the form of Elle and Vilre brand spray bottles. The color is whiter than normal and also a little looser
Half and Half Cream: is a mixture of whole milk and fresh cream, containing 10 – 18% fat. Usually used in the preparation of drinks and cannot be whipped.
Preservation of Creams: Cool in the refrigerator. Absolutely avoid freezing. If frozen, the water will be separated and cannot be used anymore. Tips for whipping cream of Turtle’s mother: Before whipping, put the cream and whisk in the freezer for 10 minutes, beat from a small number and then increase speed, until the cream is a bit thick, add sugar.

People often ask about Topping Cream. This type is not included in dairy products. It is not made from animal milk, but is synthesized from artificial milk and some flavoring additives. Topping includes sugar and is usually stored in the freezer, as opposed to whipping cream. I don’t like the taste of it at all. Unnatural feeling!!

Buttermilk: Traditionally, buttermilk is created during the production of butter. It is the amount of liquid after removing the thick butter. Today, buttermilk is produced from fresh milk with lactic acid bacteria added
Yogurt Yogurt: Is a product of the fermentation process of animal milk with strains of beneficial bacteria for the intestines such as streptococcus lactic, lactobacillus caucasicus, streptococcus cremoris, yeast… Yogurt can be made from whole milk or less. Fat, with or without sugar, depending on your needs
Sour cream, roughly translated as sour cream, is the product of normal cream cheese fermentation with some beneficial lactic acid bacteria. Contains 18 – 20% fat
Crème fraiche is a product made from heavy cream that is fermented and processed similar to Sour Cream, but with a higher fat content. Some documents note that it is possible to make Crème fraiche at home by adding a little buttermilk or Sour cream to Heavy Cream, leaving it at room temperature for a few hours for the yeast to work. Crème Fraiche is popular in French cuisine
Milk plays an increasingly important role in life. For some people who are allergic to lactose in milk, or have stomach ache when drinking raw milk, you can try to drink milk little by little every day to let the body get used to it. Or switch to dairy products like flan, yogurt, etc. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy the sweet and savory taste of this magical liquid

In addition, dairy products also have a very important product category, cheeses, according to the agreement with the mother of three young turtles, will be separated into a separate post, waiting for Ms. Su to “re-create” Export Gypsy” will have a very good article on that topic. Rumor has it that the children of the Su family can eat cheese instead of rice :P.

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