Black sesame green bean milk

Ever since I bought a nut milk grinder, I’ve been in the kitchen cooking drinks at least once a day. Taking advantage of this epidemic break, I also want to gain some weight, so I just eat and drink like that :D. Since the machine did it all for me, it didn’t take much effort. It is both convenient and has delicious, fatty and healthy drinks.

The black sesame green bean milk dish I made is as follows:

Chickpeas soaked for 3-5 hours
Black sesame is soaked for 2-4 hours, then dried and roasted
Put green beans + roasted sesame + fresh milk + condensed milk + filtered water + sugar and turn on the “herbal milk” mode. Wait about 25 minutes to finish.
Cooking, no matter how complicated or simple the process is, is how much your heart puts into that dish. Like the saying goes: “A recipe has no soul. You, as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe”.
I find myself standing in the kitchen all day doing tricks, my mother said:

– “It is delicious to make it yourself, but it is too complicated!”

– “Actually, I find cooking and drawing is also a pleasure.” I replied.
Day 5: Shrimp vermicelli for breakfast
My family used to rarely cook breakfast because there are many restaurants around. However, due to this “social isolation”, not a single restaurant is open, except for the ladies selling “zero bread” at the market. Since the first days of quarantine, I have had to eat bread and I really can’t eat another piece, especially breakfast. In the morning, I like to eat something watery like pho so, that day, I decided to get up early to prepare breakfast for the whole family.

This shrimp noodle dish I learned from a colleague, and I modified it a bit as follows:

Peeled shrimp stir-fried with wood ear, dried onion
Put the pan on the stove and stir the tomatoes until soft, then pour in the fried shrimp and stir well. Then add filtered water and boil. When the pot of broth boils, season to taste, then drop the fried beans in and turn off the heat.
Sprinkle with scallions and coriander for extra flavor
After eating this meal, my mother also praised it as delicious because she never thought that she could cook at home like in a restaurant =)). You can also try to cook, this dish is easy to make.
Oreo Cheese Cake for a cold to gray day
I still remember at the end of 2018, I tried making this cake for the first time. It wasn’t until now, 2020, that I did it again. Actually, on the first day of the “social distancing” period, I also tried to do it, but it failed =)). I can’t even remember how I did it the other day, but it was 80% successful (20% is not good because the cheese is still a bit loose). So decided to try again. I don’t use the recipe on Google anymore, but follow Nino’s instructions (here). Basically, the cake is okay, although the decoration is a bit boring. The part that makes the heart shape, looks a bit messy =)). Anw, one day I’m excited, I’ll definitely do it again!
Dumplings style “sticky rice”
I consider myself to be a person who is “not good with hands, but good at showing”. Seeing my friend make this dish, I also learned to follow it :D. Looking at the steps in the recipe, it is quite simple, but when you do it, you know that nothing is easy. Because I’m inexperienced, I roll the dough a bit thin, the stuffing inside (meat and shrimp filling) quickly melts and cracks the outer layer (also partly because I put too many fillings). At that time, I had to rush to roll more dough to wrap it, but it was only a short time after that. After discovering this, I rolled the dough a bit thicker so it took longer. It’s best to put them in a box and don’t touch them until they’re full to keep in the fridge. Or when finished, put it into boiling or frying to avoid falling into the same situation as me.

If the day before, when I stood making Lasagna leaves, I complained of back pain, but today when I make dumplings, I will know that my legs are tired. For those who wonder why so many “chatty” restaurants, I would like to say, everything has its price, huhu.

As for the filling, I make shrimp and meat fillings:

Minced meat mixed with dried onion + shallot leaves (if not available, replace with scallions or coriander) + soy sauce
Minced shrimp mixed with wood ear + dried onion
You can also boil or fry it. Personally, I think fried is better.
The recipe I learned from here.
So ended “7 days in the kitchen with me”. In fact, I will still go to the kitchen in the next days, but maybe I won’t draw as much as this, or maybe I should, I can’t say. Anyway, even though I have to stay at home, it’s not too boring and thanks to that, I know how to make some new dishes. I still remember the day before when I saw myself making excuses, my parents would often complain and complain. Because my parents are used to eating traditional dishes with normal rice soup, so they don’t particularly like Westernized dishes like this. But I still cook, no one eats, I eat. Gradually, my parents also got used to and accepted those dishes of mine and began to try them. Now, with any new dish I cook, my parents will no longer be afraid to try it. That also means that my cooking has been temporarily successful, right.

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