Month: July 2021

Snacking Times

Milk products

Extremely diverse and rich. Only regret is that in Vietnam, dairy products are not as popular as abroad, the number of products is small, the price is expensive, so the choice of housewives is also more limited. Hopefully with the development of the homemade baking movement, gradually we will have more opportunities to experience attractive […]

Dishes of the day


Father is away, mother has a pot of Hue beef noodle soup for a few days (because she has to eat alone), children change dishes constantly. Then, one day, the two of them craved fried noodles. But the “Ah! Daddy’s back” noodles have to wait until Saturday. Change direction, stir-fry a pan of yakisoba noodles, […]

Dishes of the day


(There is a concept called “Quick breads”, which does not belong to the type of quick-incubation bread mentioned above, but refers to cakes made with two chemical flours, baking powder and baking soda, and an acid-containing ingredient. and pliers Some common quick breads: pancakes, waffles, muffins, banana bread, carrot cake, etc. However, if you order […]

Snacking Times

Introduction of ingredients: Fat

Food in the world is very diverse and rich, divided into many types depending on ingredients and processing methods. As a result, cooking methods are formed: boiling, frying/frying, sautéing, and grilling. Only in that amount, there are two indispensable types of fat, fried/fried and sautéed. However, applying a little fat to the roast duck to […]

My Kitchen

Black sesame green bean milk

Ever since I bought a nut milk grinder, I’ve been in the kitchen cooking drinks at least once a day. Taking advantage of this epidemic break, I also want to gain some weight, so I just eat and drink like that :D. Since the machine did it all for me, it didn’t take much effort. […]