Banana cake with coconut oil

In the past, I sometimes used coconut oil to make cakes, but when I made cakes to be vegetarian. Haven’t used coconut oil for many years, recently bought a jar to cook body butter and hair for my daughter. Every time I open the box to smear it, the mother and daughter say to each other, “craving?”

Feel free to do it if you want, but first let’s talk about the properties of coconut oil and how to use it. In terms of properties, coconut oil is roughly the same as butter, but it’s sad news for those hoping for less fat than margarine: the fat content of coconut oil is slightly higher than that of margarine. How to use coconut oil in recipes: replace 1:1 ratio, replace every 100g of butter with 100g of coconut oil. There’s just one thing to keep in mind: if coconut oil is replacing butter in recipes that call for room-temperature softened butter, use a cold-pressed oil (termed Cold Pressed). The market has extra virgin and organic extra virgin coconut oils, which are used for food processing – this type freezes at a temperature of about 25 degrees Celsius, the color is milky, while the hand-processed type is usually bright yellow like oil. vegetable and in liquid form.

In short, we can absolutely use coconut oil to make cakes. Just be aware of the type of oil used in the recipes accordingly.

What about the quality of cakes using coconut oil compared to cakes using margarine? I confirm that it is delicious, especially delicious for “Coconut followers.” When the recipe uses melted butter (e.g. bread), we can melt the coconut oil and use it.

This is a banana cake demo (banana cupcake, recipe shared by SCP), of course, still in the air a batch of banana cake every day – a movement launched by LL and launched by LL’s mother 😉

Butter, forget it, whipped coconut oil with sugar
Taking a break between two days of wrapping banh chung, Doa’s mother played tricks for the children to play. Using a butter cookie recipe (everyone can use any recipe they like, best for the family’s taste), shape into shapes that are most child-friendly.

The new year is coming to Binh Than, which is the year of the Monkey, so Monkey ascends the throne. Monkey shaped cakes are very popular. Mom will take a little time, but in return this type of cake can be frozen, cut into slices and baked whenever needed, then it only takes a total of about 30 minutes to have a tray of 25- 30 pcs depending on the size of the baking tray. If 2 trays only take 45 minutes.

These cakes don’t need a mold but just need a little imagination, if you can’t imagine it, we… google. I often go to stationery stores, where there are sticker boards with pictures of animals, for example this model. Looking at it is easy to get ideas. In fact, anything can be done, it just takes a little patience.
Because I took the time, I did not take pictures of the process of making a monkey, because the idea of ​​the monkey suddenly came, many people asked for instructions after finishing it, so I continued to take other pictures and then took pictures. But perhaps after reading this article people will imagine it easier.

This is a ladybug

First you need to color the powder. I use fine dried strawberry powder and a little red gel color. The cake has a light sour taste and natural strawberry aroma. Without adding a little color, the ladybug will have a light pink color. The dark brown powder is mixed with pure cocoa powder. Black dots can be used with small chocolate chips. Dark brown only needs a small amount, 1/5 of the amount of red powder.

Red roll into a long tubular shape, then cut in half along the length to form two halves. Thin rolled black brown.

Here is a tutorial on how to make a turtle figure.

Use one part white (yellow) powder and one part powder mixed with green tea powder to create a green color. The amount of green powder is about 1/3 of the white powder.

Divide the white dough into 3 parts, take 2 parts to make “apricot”, roll it into a tubular shape. The thinly rolled green dough makes the outer layer.
With the cut monkey shape, there needs to be an eye-mouth drawing movement. After baking, the cake cools, you can melt chocolate and then draw, or like I always use a food coloring pen to draw. Quick, but a bit damaging to the pen, because the tip of the pen paints on the fragile crumb background.
The first cut monkey shape creates a white face, rolls it into a tubular shape, then presses to create folds. Next, put the brown powder (cocoa) on it. Two ears are white powdered fibers rolled in cocoa powder into long tubes. Reassemble last.

Apples use green pulp. Also make a tubular shape, then make a crease on the stem and bottom (almost like a heart shape), add 1 flour thread to make leaves and stalks.

The unbaked beaver looks very simple, just white dough rolled in colored flour. After baking, draw the face details.

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