This recipe uses egg yolks, but not raw eggs, for a number of reasons, the most important of which is that it can be used safely by children.

– 3 egg yolks + 60g sugar + 80ml unsweetened fresh milk + a little salt.
– 20 ladyfingers, cut in half lengthwise.
– 40ml of strong coffee + 20ml of rum
– 150ml fresh cream + vanilla (or tiramisu paste)
– 250g mascarpone
– a little pure cocoa for garnish, add thinly grated chocolate if you like.

In the morning, make custard ice cream: 3 egg yolks + 60g sugar + 80ml unsweetened fresh milk + a little salt. All ingredients are put in a small non-stick saucepan, stir until dissolved, put on the stove and stir continuously until the mixture is hot, after boiling for about 1 minute, turn off the heat, pour custard cream into a bowl, Wrap tightly while still hot to avoid the cream forming a tough film on the surface. Let it cool down and then put it in the fridge.
Make a very strong coffee filter, take about 2 tablespoons of strong coffee mixed with about 1 tablespoon of rum. Cover tightly in the refrigerator. Shorten the coffee making process by using instant coffee. One sachet mixed with 30-40ml of hot water. Accomplished. Save time washing filters and cups, but remember to choose instant coffee that doesn’t mix a lot of junk.


In the afternoon, after finishing the rice and water tasks, take 150ml of fresh cream (Whipping cream), beat soft with a little vanilla. When you lift the whisk, the cream will form soft peaks.

Remove custard cream from the cooler, mix with 250g mascarpone until smooth. To shorten the process, you can add mascarpone to custard cream, then use a hand blender to puree. Save 5-7 minutes of mixing but only have to wash 1 hand blender. Oh next.

Mix custard mascarpone cream with lightly whipped whipping cream.

Take 10 cups to the table. Dip each piece of ladyfingers in the coffee. Put a layer on the bottom of the cup, 2 pieces of cake (a cake cut in half) as a layer. Pour 1 tablespoon of the cream mixture on top. Continue to dip two pieces of cake into the coffee and place on top. Pour the second scoop of ice cream mixture on top, pat or lightly tap the cup on the table to smooth the ice cream mixture on the surface. A cake will include 1 layer of cake, 1 layer of cream, 1 layer of cake, and 1 layer of cream. Close the lid and put in the refrigerator.


When dessert is needed, remove the cup from the fridge, sprinkle with cocoa and garnish with grated chocolate if desired.
The apple pie was made today by a 500ml box of unsweetened yogurt that is about to expire and the children still have no desire to eat. Apples are as small as an apple, the diameter is only 5 thousand coins, buy 1 bag because… beautiful. One more reason: we ran out of bread.

There are a few recipes that the turtle family also uses, but today we’ve remade this recipe, and it’s also satisfying.


Cake base:

– 200g of flour

– 80-100g sugar (depending on taste)

– 120g unsalted butter

– 1 pinch of salt

– 1 egg (55g)

– 1 pinch of powdered cinnamon

– 5ml vanilla

Cake filling:

– 50g raisins (if you like)

– 50g almond slices (if you like)

– 2 apples (depending on the size, can be more or less)

– Cinnamon

– 10g cornstarch/tapioca flour

– 60ml fresh milk (or 50ml fresh milk + 20ml whipping cream)

– 15ml lemon juice (if sweet apple, 20ml, sour apple, depending on taste, 5-10ml)

– 5ml vanilla

– 225g unsweetened yogurt and 30g sugar (or 240g yogurt)

– 30g sugar

– 1 egg

Cake base:

Mix flour, sugar, salt, vanilla, and chopped cold butter.

Crack the eggs and continue beating until the mixture is slightly wet.

Place the dough in the fridge for 30′ (meanwhile prepare the apples)

Cake filling:

Peel apples, cut areca pieces about 0.3 – 0.5cm thick, remove the core, soak in light salted water. Remove to dry slightly, sprinkle with cinnamon powder and mix well.
Mix (with a whisk) the following ingredients: cornstarch, milk, lemon juice, unsweetened yogurt, eggs.

Spread the dough (chilled) to the bottom and up the sides of the mold to make the wall high (about 2cm (tart mold or separate base).

Sprinkle raisins evenly on the bottom of the pan (if using raisins)

Pour the cake mix over the grapes.

Arrange apples on top in a vertical circle (like today’s turtle cake), or horizontally to create a rose shape.

Top sprinkle with almonds (if desired). If not sprinkled with almond slices, can be sprinkled with cinnamon powder.

Turn the oven to 180 degrees C before 10 ′), bake for 50 minutes, the mixture will freeze, the surface of the cake will be golden and the apples will be soft to absorb the spices to taste.

Last time along with the holidays, New Year and also because the family was busy, Turtle’s kitchen was not updated, comments were not answered. Formula debt day in and day out, what a shame.

Today, turtles redeemed themselves with a shortbread cookie recipe with many variations, so those who plan to make cookies for Tet or make cakes for their family and loved ones can use them. Consider it as a greeting for the new spring, from Khai Tam’s kitchen.

Recipe: Since it’s New Year’s Day, you should make a large batch, so you can get 5 trays x 24 cookies with a diameter of 2.5 cm or a cake with a length of 5 cm.

– 200g white sugar

– 400g margarine (Tuong An)

– 4 egg yolks

– 1 pinch of vanilla

– 50ml of fresh milk

– 450-500g flour (the amount of flour depends on taste, like to eat more or less flour)

– Dried fruit jams, seeds depending on taste.

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