Noodle Tom Yum

All day yesterday, going in and out thinking about how to prepare the gift of the lucky person to “deserve” the FIVE SEASONS OF LOVE, but surely there can’t be a gift like this, so SCP asked allow the turtle boss to decide the gift is a paper cup of different colors for the lucky person to “carry love” to bring home

Their father was on a business trip again, and the mother and son of the SCP family shouted slogans against… rice. Stir-fried noodles for the 3 of them but I don’t find it attractive at all, how to do it, I usually eat it in the afternoon… But the laziness has been defeated, I quickly cooked a pot of Tom Yum soup to eat with vermicelli, so satisfying even though… eating alone.
Recipe :

Material :

– 12 black tiger shrimp, washed, bearded, and shelled on

– 1 liter of broth

– 1 box of straw mushrooms, remove the soaking water, wash, cut in half lengthwise (if using fresh mushrooms, remember to soak them in salt water for about 15 minutes and then wash them)

– 3 tbsp of tom yum sauce (available in supermarkets)

– 2 lemongrass bulbs, washed and smashed

– 1 handful of Thai lime leaves (kaffir lime leaf)

– 1 piece of string 5cm long, smashed or sliced

– 3 dried onions, peeled and smashed

– 1 lemon

– a few chili peppers or green peppers (you can add or reduce according to taste)

– Noodles served with

Making :

Put the broth in a pot to gently boil, add the shrimp and mushrooms and cook until the mushrooms are cooked. Add tom yum sauce along with vegetables, tubers, chili… in, continue to cook for about 5 minutes. Turn off the stove. Squeeze the lemon into the pot of soup, eat it while it’s still hot. (Note that only squeeze lemon in when the stove is off, the taste will be much better, this SCP learned from a neighbor who is Thai).

* This soup is very delicious with hot rice and fish cakes, but if you are in a mood to crave rice…something else like SCP, don’t hesitate to try it with vermicelli, it’s just as delicious (from the rice here) it means rice, hi hi)
It’s not something “weird”, it’s cinnamon-roll-waffles.

Read this far enough to hear the smell of cinnamon. Autumn returns. That’s on the actual temperature, but on the calendar, it’s only a few days until the autumn equinox. Referring to the weather, I feel enlightened. The Japanese celebrate Tet according to the solar calendar for many years, but still use the 12 zodiac signs (January 1 is the first day of the new zodiac, not the lunar 1.1), and even the weather is sometimes a day off.

In short, when did it come to autumn, no one noticed, only knowing that after a few intermittent rains and sunshine, looking back, the temperature difference was 5-7 degrees. The weather is much cooler, the electricity bill for the air conditioner is much less, that’s it.

Autumn is when the flower bushes begin to bloom, the green chestnuts on the trees, the rice blooms along the way (oh, really!), and the kids from kindergarten through high school are bustling with the annual undokai sports festival. The mother and daughter went for a walk every morning, passing through every park, they saw the children enthusiastically practicing, while the teachers were absorbed in sweat and ran after the instructions. It’s autumn but it’s still sunny, you dance, you run, you sing, you play games happily.
When the croissants are frozen for the coming winter, the leftovers are set aside for something else. Today is cinnamon-rolls.

Rolled dough, spread a little butter and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar, coffee beans (or milk granules). Mother was away, father and son had a trip to the forest far away to “escape from LL” because that place was not for people. When I got home, my mother received a gift: a jar of specialty jam from the Yakushima region. The jar of jam must wait for bread to open.

Mom brought back many gifts, including a gift box from an aunt. There is a sage, a mother, so we have a pho pot at home.
Let it cook in the garden until the travel gas tank runs out, the bones, oxtail, and sago are very tender.

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