Tet dishes

“Let’s meet again”, the year-end dinner every year has these dishes. The menu at the house is the same, but strangely because there is only once a year to look back at so many dishes on the table, the year-end meal is always special.

Of course, “year-end” only comes after the pot of old smelly water. The whole family finished bathing, just as soon as the tray of rice was served hot.

This is sausage
Braised tea and bee tea are two desserts.

My family is divided into two factions: the faction that likes the bee tea the most and the one that likes the braised tea the most. Depending on the “team,” the members split the pan. Both sides have excellent records, so clean that it seems that the mother does not need to wash the pan anymore. So engrossed in dredging that anyone who looks at it thinks that the pan can fly because it is busy upside down, standing up to dredge it up!
Braised tea. A dish of tea that a single baby turtle can eat an entire plate in the blink of an eye. They distinguish tea so well that, just by hearing the smell, they know what their mother is cooking! While eating, parents talk about Tet holidays in the past, when their parents were the same age as their children. Back to the box of banh chung every time the whole village boiled together all night until morning. About the years the market doesn’t meet until the end of the “March”, so everyone has to stock up on food. In the years when Tet food was ready to be eaten, no one sold it, but no one bought it, when everyone consciously prepared a tray of rice to offer to their ancestors for three days of Tet. About the crackling firecrackers from New Year’s Eve. About new clothes, but only New Year children are bought for them by their parents.

This is a piece of ball skin made from… pig skin.

Chung cake, they already know the song, it was “composed” by the 7th Hung King, Tiet Lieu (Lang Lieu).

Bamboo shoot soup is a dish that must be prepared many days in advance. Soak bamboo shoots until they bloom, white, boil until the strong smell is gone, then cook with pork leg and ribs. Must add both wood ear and shiitake mushrooms to be delicious.

My family year passed like that. Leaving together to welcome a new year in peace and happiness.
Having fun with my friends, I follow the religion and worship the god of fish sauce 😉 There are also cucumbers, dried fish, dried shrimps of all kinds. Some live in the mud, the rest are not salty, they are just salty 😀 According to the father turtle, “nothing fat!” But when the mother-other-people liked it… every Tuesday when she saw a delicious snail, she had to buy a full bag (it was almost full yesterday).

The next day of the day there is a farmer’s market, the house has a pot of vermicelli noodles. In the morning, the smell of broth with the typical flavor of vinegar and chili peppers awakens all senses

Breakfast (red bean sticky rice with chestnuts) is cleaned at the same time that the pot of water on the stove can be turned off until noon. Boil the vermicelli, wash the vegetables again. So go to work, take care of people, a few hours later have to worry about the “no fat” meal!
Recently, it has been more than a year, the turtle house has no need for dried eels brought from Vietnam anymore. Instead, when there are a lot of eels in the market, they buy them to cook vermicelli. Homemade dried eel is full of eel flavor, sweet, fragrant and very crispy.

How to cook eel vermicelli (brief) is here.

How to prepare eel is here. To make crispy eel in vermicelli, it is not necessary to use large eel (the picture below illustrates, taken from the day of cooking eel porridge, in fact every time the mother turtle cooks vermicelli, she uses small eel)

Cut the fillet into 2-3 pieces, the longer it is, the more difficult it is to cut the fibers, but when the eel is finished frying, it will be more beautiful.

For each 500g fillet, marinate with about 5g turmeric powder, a little seasoning (seasoning or salt and monosodium glutamate), juice of 1 onion. Mix everything well, cover and marinate in the refrigerator for a few hours.
Drop the eel into a pan of hot oil, deep-fry the oil, keep the high heat for the first 3-5 minutes until the eel is cooked. Reduce heat to low so that the eel can be slowly dried and crispy, golden brown (or dark brown depending on the amount of turmeric marinated before).
Cooking broth: Bones or ribs of pork (pork) and head, boiled eel bones for fresh water along with onions (purple onions) lightly grilled for aroma. Season to taste.

Cut off the top of the white onion (cut into pieces about 2cm long), fry in a few tablespoons of oil to fry the eel. Pour this oil (and onions) into the broth.

A handful of soaked shiitake mushrooms, rinse, and put in the last pot of broth, when done.

Wash laksa leaves, cut into small pieces with green onions.

Bean sprouts washed, drained.

Soak vermicelli until soft, take out and drain.

Meal: Place a handful of raw sprouts on the bottom of the bowl. Blanch the vermicelli in broth, place on top of raw rack. Add finely chopped scallions and cilantro. On the top layer is fried eel.

Add water, remember to add some shiitake mushrooms.

Sprinkle with onions.

Serve hot with pepper, chili sauce, crispy stir fry.

and a cup of iced tea by the side.

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