Let’s make Beef Steak

At home, my father and I get along very well in terms of food. It means that every dish my father cooks, I feel delicious, and any dish I cook….he will eat it all, whether it’s salty or bland, delicious or bad. There is one dish that my father and I both especially like to eat and that is beef. That morning, after my mother returned from the market, my father and I went to the kitchen to cook. Dad sliced ​​and balled each piece of beef, and I was in charge of marinating meat + grilling + cooking sauce + making salad. I make 2 kinds of cheese sauce (for me) and BBQ sauce for mom and dad. After that, the whole family had a delicious meal.

“Nothing brings people together like good food”

I realize that this “social distancing” occasion also has a positive side, which is giving people more time to spend with family. And the moment when I can stand in the kitchen with my father and discuss the food, although it is very “normal”, it makes me feel warm. Sometimes people are just happy because of the little things like that.
Beef cut into pieces 2-3cm thick, balled on both sides, then marinated with wine, soy sauce, minced garlic, pepper, a little salt, dried basil leaves, dried oregano leaves, fresh rosemary leaves (if available). . Marinate for about 15-30 minutes and then bake in an oil-free fryer at 195 degrees Celsius for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, turn the beef over to the other side and bake for another 5 minutes to cook evenly. (Remember to bake 2 times under the cooking oil above.)

Beef will have a “medium well” level of doneness.

As for the sauce:

BBQ sauce: Put the mixture “tomato puree + ketchup + pepper + a little white salt + dried oregano” in a pan and stir until the mixture thickens.
Cheese sauce: Put the pan on the stove to melt the butter. Then mix “Cream Cheese + unsweetened fresh milk + flour + dried oregano” and stir until fragrant and the mixture is thick.
Note: I cook by feeling, so many recipes do not specify the quantity of ingredients.
Cooking Lasagna for the first time
As an Italian food enthusiast, especially love Pizza and Spaghetti, I cannot ignore Lasagna. The first time I tasted this dish, I couldn’t resist, so I chose Lasagna for the 7-day cooking test.

Because it’s my first time, I want to do everything by hand, so I don’t buy ready-made Lasagna leaves, but always start from kneading the dough. Because there is no specialized rolling machine, so you know, I failed =)). I also don’t have a tool to roll it, so I temporarily grabbed the bar of the nut milk grinder (this bar is used to stir milk). In fact, it is still edible, but the Lasagna leaves are not as thin and flat as when using the machine. Kind of looks a bit bad. After this time, I have learned that, although making my own leaves, I can use fresh noodles, but it is best to buy ready-made Lasagna leaves for health, which is convenient and saves time kneading the dough, rolling the dough until my back hurts. huhu.

However, even the failure of making Lasagna leaves did not stop me from achieving the success of making Lasagna. Actually the most important thing that determines this dish is the sauce. Because the sauce and cheese will cover the entire lasagna. And I feel quite satisfied when I can make a delicious Bolognese sauce even though it is a bit lacking in ingredients such as celery and carrots (because I’m too lazy to buy :v).
Bolognese Sauce
(The full recipe will include celery and carrots, but I think the sauce is still pretty good without them.)

Onions: 3/4 of
Minced beef: 400g
Minced garlic
Dried basil leaves (according to the recipe people use thyme leaves, but because they don’t have it, they should be replaced with basil leaves)
Dried oregano leaves
Fresh rosemary leaves (separated)
Tomatoes: 4
Red wine
Onion diced and minced
Tomato puree
Put the pan on the stove and fry the garlic until fragrant, add the minced onion, then add the leaves of oregano, basil, rosemary, then stir well. Put the beef on the island until the meat is cooked, then add about 50ml of ketchup + ground tomatoes + 250ml of wine and boil. Next, add a little salt and pepper and cook until the mixture thickens, then turn off the heat.
The recipe I saw on the internet only added how to make Bechamel sauce, but because there were no “clove buds” and “nutmeg powder”, I made it my way =)). Because I still had the cheese sauce the day before, I made it to eat with Beef Steak, so I boiled it again and added whole pieces of onion + dried oregano leaves + salt.

In short, after this meal, I like the Bolognese sauce the most. Next time I make spaghetti, instead of buying ready-made Bolognese sauce, I can make it myself

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