Summer came from an unknown time

Summer came from an unknown time, perhaps “stealthly” coming shortly after the first storms of the season passed and the peonies faded.

When it starts to get hot, oh my, I crave something cool.

Ginseng water, jelly, tea and everything, anything that can dispel the heat and the heat is welcome. After a batch of cakes, there is an excess of egg yolk, immediately thinking of flan. Going to the market to buy dozens of “eggshells”, I think the baby’s belly will love it. But it’s plastic, how to be non-toxic?
Had to reverse the process: custard first, caramel later. After the egg cream layer is cooked and solidified, then the sugar will make caramel. At this point, you can spoon each spoonful of caramel sugar on the surface of the cake. The sugar layer is in contact with the cake layer, a very small part is in contact with the plastic after it has cooled down a lot. That’s safe enough.
An unexpected thing is that it is more “fun” to eat this way when eating, because if the sugar layer is only frozen but not yet melted, we can use a spoon to knock the caramel ‘mirror’ to crumble before eating.

That’s good!

Recipes everyone can refer to in the table of contents or the book 5 Seasons of Love. If using a plastic mold, you should steam the cake in a steamer/pot.
It was a really rough night, but still woke up at the same time as usual. The tray of bread filled with mozarella slices and ham baked from the night before is breakfast for the whole family.

Every weekend is cleaning day. If you don’t finish cleaning on a Saturday, move on to Sunday. This week has a little change, clean, sweep and remove dust, then you clean the house. Watch them crawling from one end of the room to the other, wiping their feet again, stepping on the wet floor, wiping again, stepping on them again. Regardless, the house will be clean, the feet will also be clean after a few cleanings.

But there was one thing that interrupted the cleaning. She wiped her face while grimacing, saying nothing, flirting with me. I finished my work, sat down with a pen to color, passionately, very innocent and innocent. Mom asked “why are you so upset?” I replied “because I didn’t help!” Mom asked “I don’t see you asking for me, have you asked me?” Silence… “Eating is invited, working is made. If you need your help, you have to speak up. No one has the responsibility to guess what your child is thinking or needing. If people know and help, that’s good, otherwise it’s not anyone’s fault for me to be angry.”

When needed, speak up, don’t be shy and don’t be afraid to be aimless.

I still tell you, if you are angry, you should release it. Talking to your child trying to choose the most understandable examples, the need to speak their mind, is like peeing. If you hold it for a while, it’s okay, but if you wait too long, it’s easy to get sick, and if you break the bladder, it’s dangerous. Of course, if you have a toilet, you should flush it in the right place, because you have to know where the toilet is located.
Except that vegetables are very fresh, seasonal, so the price is cheap, children who follow an adult to buy goods are given a banana, whether as small as Vy or as big as Ti, they are all given gifts, regardless. Sometimes, I just stop by to buy a bag of mushrooms for a few dozen yen or a bunch of vegetables for more than a hundred yen, afraid of being given bananas (and my kids are still crowded!) so I let the kids watch each other play by the aquarium in front of the post office right next to it. . But many times the “conspiracy” is discovered, the bananas are still in the pocket after the payment.

Gifted bananas, but never seen dark or overripe ones. Either still slightly green, or just ripe.

When I was three years old, my family was used to coming here to have a banana in hand when leaving. Whenever he didn’t buy anything but went out to play, he also had to run in and wave to his grandmother and the salesman a few times.
At home, LL likes to eat bananas, but if she is called a monkey by her mother, she is very angry, although besides bananas, banana-related cakes are also liked.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, and yet, Matsuyama in his hometown also has a very kind “fish seller” who drives to the front door with the ad “Does anyone need fish?” Fish is always cheap, so cheap that… sometimes buyers are awkward because they don’t have change.
Pack a few to bring to the grocery store to give back to the shopkeeper. Today there is a Tuesday market, so I don’t buy vegetables there anymore, so LL ran in to give a gift bag and left immediately. “Thank you, I gave you cake, tomorrow I can come again for bananas.”

Remembering funny, there was a time when the basket of bananas for a customer behind the counter ran out, after counting the money, the mother and daughter took their bags home, LL refused to go out for the reason “I have no bananas.” Mom said “Just go home, there will be bananas the next day, today it’s over…” I listened and followed Mom, but before I could get to the door, the employee ran up to give LL 2 bananas. His face brightened up completely, just like the face after giving a bag of cakes.
The place where I was born, Hanoi, is also a place called “civilization,” with elegant people. The only thing that impressed me in my memory were the rows of trees.

Bang, mausoleum, mother-of-pearl, trees just need to stand outside the balcony of grandparents’ house to be able to see. In winter, the eagle tree has red leaves, at the end of winter, the brown leaves have holes in the bottom surface with trumpet worms, the young leaves are green in the spring, the young eagles are green in the summer, the eagle trees are also in the caterpillar season, in the late summer the acorns are ripe. , children like me often pick it up to chop the fleshy food.

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