Month: May 2021

Snacking Times

Tet dishes

“Let’s meet again”, the year-end dinner every year has these dishes. The menu at the house is the same, but strangely because there is only once a year to look back at so many dishes on the table, the year-end meal is always special. Of course, “year-end” only comes after the pot of old smelly […]

My Kitchen

Let’s make Beef Steak

At home, my father and I get along very well in terms of food. It means that every dish my father cooks, I feel delicious, and any dish I cook….he will eat it all, whether it’s salty or bland, delicious or bad. There is one dish that my father and I both especially like to […]

My Kitchen

ITALIA almond cookies are delicious to eat

  Biscotti is a type of biscuit with ingredients with almond flour and nuts, dried fruit, so it is very flexible and crispy, very delicious to eat, looks dry but when you eat it, it doesn’t feel like that, it just smells good. almonds, both crispy, fatty, and fleshy, mixed with the sour taste of […]

The Bakery

Summer came from an unknown time

Summer came from an unknown time, perhaps “stealthly” coming shortly after the first storms of the season passed and the peonies faded. When it starts to get hot, oh my, I crave something cool. Ginseng water, jelly, tea and everything, anything that can dispel the heat and the heat is welcome. After a batch of […]