Today is a very special day


For math lovers, it’s the day of the number Pi (π). More special than every year before and many many years later, because today is not only 3.14 but also 3.1415. At 9:26 minutes 53 seconds, we have a longer number 3.141592653. Fortunately, because after so many years out of school, that’s all the numbers about Pi that Doa’s mother can remember.

For those who like sweets, today is Pie Day.

It’s okay if you don’t love math or don’t like cake, but if you read these words, you must be Vietnamese. As a Vietnamese, please don’t forget March 14, 1988 – the day 64 soldiers died on Gac Ma Island. Battle of Truong Sa Day.

My child has a new kid who just got acquainted with Pi, so he made a cake to remember. Prepare the dough, cook the pot of apricot jam, then take them to learn the piano. When I got home, I put the cake in the oven.
Liver pate is a popular savory dish of all 3 regions. However, the way to do it is different from place to place, depending on the unique taste of each region.

Here is how I usually do it, the finished pate is soft, sticky, has liver taste but no bad smell, fragrant with onion and garlic and mildly spicy with pepper.


– 500g pork liver/pork
– 200ml of fresh milk
– 250g lean shoulder minced meat
– 50g pork skin/pork (or 4 gelatine leaves equivalent to 8g powdered gelatin)
– 50g tomato flour/bread crumbs soaked in 100ml fresh milk
– 1/2 onion (100g)
– 5 dried onions (50g)
– 2 garlic bulbs (30g)
– fish sauce, salt, pepper, five flavors
– 150-200g of loin fat, sliced ​​0.75cm thick, blanched in boiling water
High round or square mold.


Thinly sliced ​​liver about 0.5cm, soaked in fresh milk for 15-20 minutes. Remove to basket, drain cold water, drain. Puree.
Boiled skin is soft, because it has the effect of creating adhesion for the mixture, it needs to be pureed, so it needs to be boiled slightly to make it easier to grind. If you don’t use tamarind, you can use gelatine in foil or powder form. For leaf gelatine, soak in COLD water for a few minutes to soften, then squeeze out excess water before mixing in the pate mixture. With the powder form, it must also be soaked in a little cold water to expand before mixing with other ingredients.
Minced peeled onion and garlic, stir-fry in a large pan until the onion and garlic are golden in color to create a fragrant aroma. Mix the minced liver, minced meat, and finely chopped boiled skin. Put the mixture in a pan of onions and garlic, stir-fry, season with fish sauce, pepper, 1/2 teaspoon of five flavors to taste. If you like the finished pate with a smoother consistency, grind it again. Mix the milk-soaked tomato paste into the mixture.
Lay the loin slices on the bottom of the pan, sprinkle salt and pepper on both sides of the fat to have the right flavor. Pour the pate mixture on top. Pay attention to pour the mixture about 1cm from the mouth of the mold, leaving room for the mixture to expand during the ripening process.
Cook the pate: It can be boiled in water (put the mold in a pot, fill 1/3 of the mold with water) or steam it in a pot/steamer. Time: 120-150 minutes depending on the mold. This one recipe can make 1 loaf 22cm long, 8cm wide, 10cm high.
Storage: Let the pate cool completely before closing and storing in the refrigerator for 3-5 days. If necessary, after cooling, the pate can be divided into portions, wrapped in foil, and frozen. Thaw overnight in the refrigerator when needed the next morning.
Use pate as an appetizer like other cold cuts, or sandwich bread. Sliced ​​and fried on both sides, served with white sticky rice is also very delicious.
Mark it with a slightly ungainly title. Because this is the first time, wonton noodles are full of nothing missing: ball skin, boiled liver, wonton, char siu meat, boiled egg cut into areca pieces, shiitake mushrooms, chrysanthemum and shallot leaves.
This recipe for frankincense noodles is not an heirloom but very precious, dedicated to the close friends of the Tortoise family.


*** Broth: (depending on family taste, there are more or less spices)

– 700g Pork bone or ribs

– 100g of dried shrimp

– 3 dried Onions, lightly grilled, smashed

– Salty seasoning is just mouth-watering

Cooking method: As usual broth, boiled pork bones, washed, and boiled in cold water. Skim the foam, lower the fire. Dried shrimp is washed and cleaned, put in a pot with dried onions. Season to taste. Note not to make the water cloudy, need to let the fire simmer until the bones and shrimp come out of fresh water.

*** Noodles (fresh egg noodles, small fibers)

– Wonton shell, buy the smallest, 60-80 leaves depending on the size of the cake as you like. Note: the smaller the package, the more beautiful it is, but it costs the shell and you have to eat a lot of cake

– 300g minced lean shoulder meat

– 200g fresh shrimp, peeled, finely chopped, not too finely minced

-2 onions, peeled and minced.

– 1 clove of garlic, peeled and minced

– 40-50g of wood ear, soaked clean, finely chopped

– Tamarind tubers / tubers or peas: about 50g, minced

– Ground pepper, a lot of new flavor emerges

– Seasoning just eaten.

All ingredients mix well
*Char siu:

– Seasoning for marinating char siu – Lobo brand of Thailand, available in supermarkets. Each pack has a weight of 100g, there are 2 small packages in it. Each small package is used to marinate 500-700 g of meat.

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