Sugar Metabolism Disorder

Malt: Commonly known as the delicious Quang Ngai Malt, packed in a tin jar like a cow’s milk can. Made from sticky rice and old rice apricots. Known as a candy that young and old all love :P. See more how to do it here

D. Sugar for Dieters

Loving sweets, but having to limit them is really frustrating. Our women’s dream is not only to eat, but also to go to the kitchen to make delicious cakes and cool teas. But what if the whole family needs to diet, or limit sugar?

Fortunately, there are also dietary sugars

Agave Nectar: ​​Honey extracted from a type of cactus. Commonly used in cocktails as a “healthy” sugar. When used in cake recipes, some adjustments are required in the proportions of other ingredients. See more how to make cakes with Agave Nectar here

Stevia: Extracted from stevia plants, used for a long time in South America. In Vietnam, we also often hear about sweet herbs used to cook water with bitter water, or traditional medicine. Currently, stevia extract is condensed into a powder form and sold as a natural sweetener for people who need to abstain from sugar (Available at Maximark supermarket under the brand Stevia Sweet by Hermesetas).

– Artificial sweeteners: Approved by FDA and widely available in the market. However, although it still feels sweet, it seems many times less delicious than real sugar. Cakes using these sweeteners to replace sugar also lack the delicious golden brown color, softness and moisture of sugar. Diet sugar also cannot caramelize to form a layer of fragrant bitter syrup in flan (what a pity 😦). Note that on the packaging of each type of sweetener, it is clearly stated that the dosage is used to replace regular sugar.

Saccharine: 200-700 times sweeter than sugar, 1 gram of Saccharine has the same sweetness as ¼ cup of sugar. Used for cooking. However, the manufacturer recommends using only half of the sugar in cake recipes. The trade name is Sweet and Low®.
Aspartame: 160 to 220 times sweeter than white sugar, 1 gram substitute for ¼ cup of sugar. This sweetener is not heat tolerant. It will lose its sweetness when heated. Manufacturer recommends using in cakes that do not require heat, such as No bake cheesecake or puddings after the mixture has cooled. Trade names are Equal and NutraSweet.
Acesulfame potassium: 200 times sweeter than white sugar. It has good heat resistance, so it can be used for cooking. It is recommended to use in combination with white sugar when baking. 1 gram substitute for ¼ cup of sugar. Trade names are Sunette and Sweet One.
Sucralose: Made up of sugar, but not metabolized by the body like sugar. 600 times sweeter than white sugar. Good for cooking. Sold under the trade name Splenda. Note that cakes baked with Splenda sugar tend to brown faster than usual, so check earlier than the recipe says.
I still remember, I once asked Ri’s sister why the cake was so sweet even though I followed the recipe. I always remember the simple answer that Ms. Turtle explained: that is when the cake has risen to the right degree, the volume of the cake is large, the amount of sugar dissolved in that volume will not bring the feeling of being too sweet. Like dissolving 100g of sugar in 500ml of water, it doesn’t feel sweet, but if 100g of that sugar is put in 200ml of water, it’s obviously different ;).

– Sit down to write articles, remember how to remember, last December, when I was only a month old in my mother’s womb, fortunately Saigon had the opportunity to meet “idol” directly :P. Not to miss the “opportunity”, a batch of 4-egg sponge cake was presented, and fortunately, I was “breathed” from Ri, as a result, I was no longer afraid of her. The secret is extremely simple, no need to reduce sugar or flour, no need to add butter, no need to beat hot eggs, also forget about tiptoeing with your breath and mixing the dough… All the “heirloom techniques” are in just whisking the eggs. with real sugar ;)…

– Forever dreaming and rambling, the post is slow to upload, my mother must be very impatient hihi… After finishing the lesson, I continue to look forward to it, until I am 2 years old, I will definitely ask to “take a breath” in batches of croissant and puff pastry. The weather is not cool in SG

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